Famous Pastor Entangled in Disappearance of Kenyan Millionaire

Pastor Anthony Musembi

Kenyan-Belgian citizen Dysseleer Mireille Lesoipa disappeared on October 6, 2019. The main suspect in the mysterious disappearance Lucy Waithera Njuguna is expected to be arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts on February 27, 2020.

Her disappearance late last year is suspected to have been plotted by Lucy Waithera, a close friend who later faked a death certificate and initiated a property inheritance process.

Waithera has already sold Mireille’s estate in Samburu valued at Ksh.20 million to one Pastor Anthony Musembi. Pastor Anthony is a famous gospel artist and famous preacher of the Jesus Celebration Centre in Mombasa.


Pastor Anthony Musembi


Homicide detectives are now probing her after she was arrested on February 1, 2020, while in possession of Mireille’s phone, ATM cards and passport.

The detectives are following leads on the theory that she forged a death certificate indicating that her friend, had suffered from HIV/AIDS, died at the MP Shah Hospital and her body cremated at the Kariokor crematorium.

The Kenyan-Belgian woman who went missing last year is yet to be found; detectives, however, believe she was murdered but her body is yet to be recovered.

The earlier indication that she had fallen sick and taken to hospital before she died and was cremated was debunked after detectives established that this was a false account in a move to cover up her deeds.

Medical Director at the facility confirmed that she was neither ever admitted at the facility nor died there.

Waithera is expected to face murder charges before the High Court in Milimani after she recanted her previous statement and indicated that the deceased had traveled to India and died there while on treatment.

Detectives who had earlier requested the court to give them more time to complete their investigations are following this up as a potential lead to solving this mysterious ‘Murder’. 

The Immigration Department indicated that the missing person had not traveled to India or any other nation as claimed by Waithera. Others who will appear before court will be John Leramat Lebite, Ntalie Lenolkiok, Joseph Wanjohi and Daniel Moen who are beneficiaries of the sold estate. 

The deceased moved to Nakuru after separating from her husband in October 2018 where she met and befriended Waithera. She was married to Samburu dancer Emmanuel Lesoipa in 1993.

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