Facts on Fidel Odinga, ignore the toxic Miguna Miguna

Facts on Fidel Odinga, ignore the toxic Miguna Miguna

By Martoz Luther via fb

Fidel Castro Odhiambo Odinga died at 43 years old while worth Ksh 2.5 BILLION with a vast interest in those buildings you see in upper hill offering office blocks to high-end estates in Kisumu and in the stock market all the way to Rio De Janeiro.

Fidel was a great philanthropist who gave freely to the needy. He was so selfless and drunk like his grandmother, Mary Juma, who birthed Baba.

Instead of spending too much time and energy discussing him, my brothers and sisters, strive to emulate his efforts so that by the time you get to 42, you are worth atleast Ksh 50 MILLION. Fidel you are discussing was living in a Ksh.700 MILLION home he paid for at Karen County Homes. Waaah, this bar is really HIGH even for the Governors!

The pic of Jack that has gone viral, the man you people claim to be his father, was only 5 yrs old in Ahero, Kisumu County, when Fidel was born in 1973. A 5yr old kid doesn’t even know the location of a vagina!

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Do you know the day Fidel died, he had bought drinks worth 400K? (its normal for people in his league), and the whole fist fight between those sexy ladies was about his wealth!

Friends, let’s be objective.

Fidel was worth Ksh.2.5 BILLION! Put that into one thousand notes and place them on a road, it stretches from Nairobi to Cairo.

And by the way, if you are a father, it’s foolhardy to speak about other people’s kids. It’s only your wife who can tell the father of your own children. That is the WISDOM of SOLOMON.

RIP Obange nyakwar Jaramogi!

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