Exposed: Jayesh Saini behind Sputnik Vaccine, NHIF and TSC insurance scandals

Exposed: Jayesh Saini behind Sputnik Vaccine, NHIF and TSC insurance scandals

Below is an excerpt revelation from known blogger Abraham Mutai:

“If we want to deal with AFYA HOUSE CARTELS we MUST start with Clinix which changed NAME to Bliss Health Services after it was sued by STATE for FRAUD at NHIF to a tune of ksh200million. It is part of Nairobi West Hospital and trading partners called GVS Bliss Health Services! Twende Kazi! SAME OWNER of Clinix which DEFRAUDED Kenyans sh200million from NHIF, owns Dinlas Pharma which IMPORTED SPUTNIK VACCINE. These companies are associated with Nairobi West Hospital. They have a common director and broker his name: JAYESH SAINI

Let us deal with the cartels head on A person called Ms Lenah Chelangat is the secretary of Dinlas Pharma that IMPORTED the SPUTINK VACCINE. She is KALENJIN. Mr Jayesh Umesh Saini is listed as a director of the company. But in actually sense he is the owner. He owned CLINIX that defrauded KENYANS from the NHIF! Lenah Chelangat, secretary of the company (Clinix now Bliss Health) that defrauded Kenyans ksh200million from NHIF (don’t forget by this action they denied you medical cover) have now imported Sputnik Vaccine. This madam comes from Sotik Rift Valley, my home area!

Hello, Cartels?
I have the CR12 of Dinla Health Services (company that Imported SPUTNIK VACCINE). (for those who don’t know, CR12, it is a public form that explains who owns a company.) Standby for the form in exactly 15mins.

We are tackling the Health sector cartels with no mercy!
Here is the CR12 of Dinla Health Services (company that Imported SPUTNIK VACCINE) OUTLINING the OWNERS

(for those who don’t know, CR12, it is a public form that explains who owns a company.)

This is the company ownership who IMPORTED Sputnik.


1. Jayesh Saini Of Nairobi West Hospital

End of list

While you visit Nairobi west Hospital, just know the OWNERS of NAIROBI WEST HOSPITAL frustrated your NHIF by LOOTING from you.

Whatever you do with this, is up to you!
Nairobi West Hospital…who is the owner…who are the sons…who registered his company in Dubai, Middle East…who are the daughters and what is the connection between them and the Kenyan MINISTRY OF HEALTH?

The owner of Bliss Health Services Limited and Dinlas Pharma is the son of the Owner of Nairobi West Hospital…

Ndugu Jayesh Saini…

It is time to face the Kenya Public!

Twende Kazi!
Dear Kenyans,

Around you, can you see Bliss Healthcare?

I mean Bliss GBV Healthcare Limited?

well among other things, they stole your NHIF (Clinix scandal).

We will have this conversation as from tomorrow!

They are the same persons!”

Jayesh Saina is a close friend of DP Ruto’s top lawyer and banker by the name Adil kagwanja.

NHIF is arguably the cheapest insurer in Kenya, compared to privately run insurance companies.
However, it emerged that the insurer is financially struggling, despite the massive subscription.

NHIF was also barred by IRA in October 17, 2017 from offering Insurance services after tendering for the police insurance tender.

“The Authority (IRA) brings to your attention that only persons registered under the Insurance Act are authorized to carry on insurance business. The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is not registered under the Insurance Act and as such is not authorized to carry on insurance business,” noted IRA in the letter signed by Commissioner of Insurance Godfrey Kiptum.

This seemed to have been the initial blow to remove NHIF from the insurance industry, even as the monied cartels started elbowing other insurers out of the scene.

“The consortium (Contractor) shall work jointly and submit one bid document (tender) for the purpose of the provision of Teachers Medical Insurance Covers. The consortium members shall jointly or collectively submit a declaration letter undertaking to work together. The letter must be collectively signed and stamped by all parties,” TSC tender documents in our possession read in part.

We also understand that the request for capitation services are only provided by one service provider Clinix, GVS, Nairobi West Hospital, all belonging to the same family of Dr Saini with his son Jayesh. This automatically favours one person. The aforementioned facilities have been working with Minet Insurance Brokers and AAR Insurance for medical.

TSC Boss Nancy Macharia also teamed up with Scammer Jayesh Saini In Teacher’s Health Insurance

A Capitation Provider is an entity that has its own network of health facilities and network of empanelled health facilities willing to treat patients on an annual capitation fee for specified services and having its own medical administrators for managing empanelled health facilities.

The bid bond was Ksh180 million, which was very high for the majority of the brokers. Minet being the biggest insurance broker easily affected the bid bond.

A copy of TSC tender/ cortesy

TSC also asked for brokers with actuarial employees, this is only AON and Minet that has that. They also asked for firms with real-time online platform of online data update, and only Minet has the system that they developed when they were given or worn the tender.

TSC also asked for firms with experience of management of schemes above 500,000 lines. The only broker or organization with this is NHIF and Minet since they have civil servants/ Police /TSC medical schemes that are the biggest in the industry. In this however, it means that NHIF was already out of the picture.

After complains were raised over the TSC and police medical covers and poor services by then the umbrella tenderer AON, Minet and AAR insurance the Cartel led by Jayesh Saini have changed tact now instead using AON and Minet as the administrator the group registered a medical administration company called Medical Administration Kenya Ltd with the current CEO of Minet Mr Sammy Muthui having hidden interest together with Jayesh.

Jointly they have in cooperated Jubilee Insurance with former KWS CEO Julius Kipngetich being in the loop.

During governor Evans Kidero’s time, Nairobi County got proposal of Ksh800 million package for its staff but they chose private insurers at a cost of Ksh1.4 billion.

Exposed: Jayesh Saini behind Sputnik Vaccine, NHIF and TSC insurance scandals


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