Exposed: Dennis Itumbi prosecutes Matiangi to impress DP Ruto’s daughter June

Exposed: Dennis Itumbi prosecutes Matiangi to impress DP Ruto’s daughter June

many are speculating why Dennis Itumbi is sacrificing his little resources to prosecute Interior CS Fred Matiangi over Ruaraka land scandal yet the matter had been settled by the High Court and a decision was arrived in which the National Land Commission was said to be fully responsible for the loss of over Sh1.2billion of tax payer’s money.

Well, in Itumbi’s suit, CS Matiangi is the first respondent while the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) are the 2nd and 3rd respondents respectively, conveniently leaving out the National Land Commission.

A source close to Itumbi has confirmed that Itumbi is on steroids since Deputy President William Ruto urged him alongside his daughter June Ruto (a junior balozi) to get married. Itumbi is 40 while June is 29. Itumbi may have mis-interpreted Ruto’s statement and mistaken it to mean an endorsement. It is not clear if the pretty and intelligent June will go for Itumbi a quasi literate blogger with below average looks…..Well, Itumbi is trying hard to impress the Nandi girl by going after the most powerful Cabinet Secretary.

Itumbi’s case was approved by the Chief Magistrate and the matter will be heard starting 24th November at the Anti-Corruption court in Milimani before the Hon Ogoti (CM) .

Here are some of the comments on Itumbi’s celebratory Facebook post after his petition was accepted by the court.

Japicha Mawololo: Please fight it until justice is served.. Rigathi also swindled Billions meant for IDPs and Farmers and the Arror-Kimwarer dam suspect is enjoying our money in Dubai. Please file a case against them so that we can get back our money. I know you ginuine in your heart

Danson Wa Munyao: Good job, justice be our shield and defender
As you remind the courts about this try to be consistent like Okiyo Omtata;
1) Court orders against the gov’t on Miguna deportation, and his return home
2) Court order on IEBC 2017 GE servers, never honored, Never opened to the public
3) The late IDP Muteshi land saga
Just to mention a few

Gad Gathu: You owe it to your followers to explain that it is not the anti corruption case that is proceeding for hearing rather it is the application seeking the court’s permission for you to proceed with the prosecution as required by law. (Confusing, I know, but the law is the law)
Prepare them for the eventuality that the court may decline to give you permission.

Okuna Victor: When Matiangi boycotted court sermons and ignored court orders, you were smiling within the corridors of statehouse, by then, you were “who is who, a director, a master etc” within the corridors of power, and you didn’t see any wrongs with that. Actually you celebrated when Miguna, someone with a wife and children was being mistreated, when no one knows whether you’ll ever have a kid.
Now, you are in the cold and want to prosecute a case in Facebook??? Are you married and if yes, can your wife advise you.

Elijah Omogoi: You’re only standing with us in regard to RUARAKA land saga, conveniently failing to remind us that the KIAMBAA CHURCH victims may soon get justice after all, Denis?

Arasa Makori:
After doing that, kindly try and prosecute a case against the man who has never paid another man he grabbed land from (who unfortunately died recently.) Also initiate a case against the owner of Hilton hotel, and another against the man who embezzled Kimwarer Arror funds. And because you are the newest Omtatah, try pushing the courts to allow you present the video evidence you have that clearly shows how some CSs were planning to assasinate a senior politician

Mutua Mundu Tua:
Unfortunately & unknown to you Dennis, you have walked the Hustler Nation to the gillotine…After you succeed to dehorn the biggest bull in the craal( unaware that he was being fattened for slaughter after all & his time is moreless up- because the system will get done with just everyone),then the same people will say..”There are no sacred cows, we gave out our super cs for prosecution” ..& just like that the DP will be arraigned over kiambaa.(ref.see what was happening at Karura as you were busy in Milimani).

Exposed: Dennis Itumbi prosecutes Matiangi to impress DP Ruto’s daughter June


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