EXCLUSIVE: Wife of Man Framed for Daughter’s Rape Speaks Out

Julius Wambua and his daughter Dorcas when they left the Kamiti Maximum Prison on December 18, 2020.
  • Jacqueline Nzilani, the wife of Julius Wambua, has spoken out six days after the husband who was framed for defiling their daughter was released from prison. 

    Speaking exclusively to kenyagist.com on Tuesday, December 22, Nzilani stood her ground that she never offended her husband and does not need his mercies. 

    Wambua, after being exonerated by the courts, said that he had forgiven his daughter Dorcas Mwende and the wife who orchestrated his downfall and had him jailed for ten years. 

    He was released on Wednesday, December 16, after Mwende recanted her testimony and accused her mother of coercing her to frame the father

    Julius Wambua and his daughter Dorcas when they left the Kamiti Maximum Prison on December 18, 2020.

    “I currently reside in Pangani, Nairobi, and I sell vegetables to feed myself. My life was disoriented by the whole saga. I feel a lot of pain when I see people discussing me on the television. It has made me feel so sad and now let them hear my side of the story. 

    “I did not wrong anyone, and I do not need Wambua’s forgiveness. I carried my children in my womb for nine months each and I know how the pain of a mother feels,” Nzilani said. 

    She argued that her daughter, Mwende, went through a lot after the father was jailed, and they struggled to meet ends meet. Nzilani alleged that the daughter, who she said is a Form 4 candidate, dropped out of school while in Form 2 and was almost getting married.

    She said a well-wisher rescued her, and took the responsibility of paying her school fees. Wambua was released after Lulu Hassan’s 2019 feature dubbed Prison Diaries aired on TV  –  highlighting his plight. 

    The wife disclosed that Mwende attempted to organise a reunion between the three family members after Wambua was released from jail. 

    “My daughter called me to ask if we should meet and discuss the whole issue. I just told her that I am still hurt, and I do not want to meet my husband ever again. Living with him was so miserable. I also do not want to reunite with him nor marry any other man. 

    “I do not hold anything against my daughter. I even supported her throughout her education to my level best. However, for this new case, no one shared any proceedings with me. All I heard was what I saw from the TV,” she said. 

    Nzilani added that her other children almost disowned her (the mother) after their father was released from jail. She alleged that they started calling her ‘their aunt’ when neighbours in Pangani related her to the saga. 

    Wambua was offered a 2-acre piece of land by former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile with other Kenyans donating a motorbike and other goodies to start a new life.

    Nzilani, however, denied that they had quarrelled over a parcel of land.

    “I want him to come forward and prove that I sold the land, and which land is it? How did I make him homeless?” She vented.

    Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan and Wambua's daughter, Dorcas Mwende pose for a photo.
    Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan and Julius Wambua’s daughter, Dorcas Mwende pose for a photo.

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