Ex-MP Saved From Eviction After Spending Ksh74 Million

An image of the Senate committee in parliament in a past proceeding.
  • Former Kikuyu MP Kabibi Kinyanjui has been saved from eviction in a tussle with Kiambu Coffee Growers Cooperative Union which was seeking to have the former lawmaker evicted from the land after seven years.

    A report by Business Daily on Tuesday, April 13 indicated that Kinyanjui had leased the land located in Kabete, Kiambu County, for 20 years from January 1, 2014, with the aim of putting up a Ksh267 mall.

    The former MP had spent Ksh74 million on the construction of the mall before depleting his savings.

    An image of the Senate committee in parliament in a past proceeding.

    In his effort to secure a loan from two banks, he was given conditions including changing the name of the project as well as extending his lease period by a further 20 years.

    The extension was aimed at buying more time to enable him to get consent to allow for the change of the project’s name.

    He changed the name of the project but the union refused to vary his lease period prompting him to file a petition.

    In her ruling, Thika Environment and Law Court Judge Lucy Gicheru barred the union from evicting him from the prime land.

    The judge further stopped the union from demolishing or interfering with the former lawmaker’s lease of the land.

    The initial lease was scheduled to run until January 1, 2034.

    Kinyanjui served as the MP for Kikuyu Constituency, one of the most populous constituencies in Kenya, for 10 years from 1983.

    A court Gavel.
    A court Gavel.

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