Ex-Churchill Comedians Shed Light on More Ills in The Industry

Comedian JB Masanduku
  • Former Churchill comedians on Friday, July 24, addressed issues bedeviling the industry in light of recent revelations by various personalities.

    Appearing on NTV‘s Wicked Edition with Dr King’ori, comedians Jaymo Ule Msee, JB Masanduku and Wa Kimani addressed some of the issues that were bringing colleagues to their knees.

    An overarching problem highlighted was money management where they all confessed to spending beyond their means due to the celebrity status.

    JB Masanduku confessed to having spent Ksh1 Million to finance his alcohol addiction with a Russian woman in 11 days.

    Comedian JB Masanduku

    “I did not know how it got finished. It was a lot of money but it was all gone in a flash,” he explained adding that the pressure to live up to a certain standard by the virtue of being on TV was making comedians spend more than they were actually making.

    Jaymo Ule Msee who forged his career to focus more on the online platforms stated that the Churchill show offered him a platform that he used to elevate his craft.

    “I always say, when you have the stage or a platform, use it to grow your career in the direction you want,” he advised.

    Comedian Jaymo ule Msee
    Comedian Jaymo ule Msee

    On his part, Wa Kimani faulted the lack of mentorship in the industry where upcoming comedians were left to their own devices in defining their lives and careers.

    JB Masanduku further addressed the issue of support among the artists where many pretended to be friends in public but were actually nemesis behind the scenes.

    “There is a lot of pretense among comedians where in public they are best of friends but backstab each other in private. They do not offer help when someone hits rock bottom instead they wait until the situation is irreversible like when someone dies to show their support,” he stated.

    The comedian who has since turned to growing his online channel urged his supporters to give him a second chance

    “All I ask is for you to give me a clean slate, so that I remind you of who JB Masanduku is. Follow me on my channels and there is fresh content there,” he conveyed.

    Jaymo addressed the issue of failures of comedians stating that the individuals ought to take personal responsibility when things go wrong.

    Here is the video of the interview courtesy of NTV:

    “Artists need to avoid the victim mentality where they are not taking personal responsibility for failures but blame outside forces for their predicament,” he affirmed.

    Churchill had earlier in July addressed allegations on the exploitation of comedians by the company. He urged comedians to use social media platforms and create great content that would attract more fans.


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