Energetic Raila rides on an e-bicycle during global energy conference

Energetic Raila rides on an e-bicycle during global energy conference

Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga on Thursday had a ride on energy powered bicycle during the Global Energy Conference at Strathmore University.

Spokesman Dennis Onyango, on his Twitter handle, posted the photo of Mr Odinga riding the solar powered bicycle, which was first tested by the former PM.

Mr Odinga has been passionate about energy and infrastructure. Recently, he visited Inga Dam in DR Congo which he believes has a potential to serve African nations with hydro power.

At the conference, Mr Odinga explained the approach on renewable energy, arguing that the traditional sources of energy are slowly being replaced through the new technologies.

The aim being identifying barriers to growing the workforce and discussing opportunities for collaborative solutions, thereby creating better livelihoods for rural Kenyans, especially for women and youth across the industry,” he added.

In 2001, Mr Odinga briefly served as Energy minister before resigning to join Narc campaigns which saw KANU losing power a year later. He is currently AU High Representative for Infrastructural Development envoy.

Source: kenyagist.COM


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