EACC Statement on Reports of Raiding Lawyer Khaminwa Office Lawyer

  • The Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) has dismissed several media reports that the agency officers had raided Khaminwa’s offices on Saturday morning.

    Through its CEO, Twalib Mbarak, EACC has distanced itself as well as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government from the raid, with the commissioner referring to the reports as totally unfounded.

    Speaking to the press after the incident, the veteran lawyer asserted that his participation and subsequent proceedings in the court of appeal were on a lawful, legitimate and truthful basis.

    Khaminwa also confirmed that the raid was indeed conducted by two individuals who claimed to be officers of the state, adding that he thinks that they may have not been officers with permits from the state.

    Veteran Senior Counsel John Khaminwa in court

    While the two individuals who identified themselves as officers never made away with anything, they asked for money from Khaminwa’s assistant who, however, did not give in to their demands.

    The now-dismissed raid followed Khaminwa’s participation in the BBI appeal case where he directly rebuked President Uhuru for leading the country without following the basic principles of law and court orders, with reports alleging that this could have been what led to the raid.

    Earlier, the LSK President, Nelson Havi had responded to the news of the EACC raid by stating that they will fight back fiercely. 

    He, however, noted that he believes that the veteran lawyer’s office raid had nothing to do with his submission in the appeal case the previous day.

    The LSK President flanking Khaminwa noted that their participation in the BBI appeal case is one that may have offended people in high office including President Uhuru and ODM Leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

    Havi pledged to pursue the matter to it’s ultimate conclusion to ensure that no advocate is vilified on the basis of representing parties that were opposed to the BBI. He also called upon the same advocates to stay on the lookout and to point out anything that may appear unusual around them.

    Khaminwa had insisted that the Court of Appeal should not be swayed as President Uhuru had earlier disobeyed court orders and cases.

    He, while thanking the media for concern expressed, also confirmed he was safe but added that before the raid, he had heard tak of threats issued against him.

    Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission CEO Twalib Mbarak.
    Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission CEO Twalib Mbarak.