Drunkard Moses Kuria shocked by the thousands of insulting comments after posting about his Youtube channel on Facebook

Drunkard Moses Kuria shocked by the thousands of insulting comments after posting about his Youtube channel on Facebook

Moses Kuria: My Youtube Channel brought down 2 hours after creating my account. Ngai Mwathani!!

Here are the comments that followed hahaha

Dennis Obura: Mdomo miingi, you will never make a come back, your journey to Oblivion started a long time ago. Right now deep state knows even the colour of your bedsheets.

Kaleku Mukare: You need to be frustrated , mistreated and maimed the way you did to Msando.

Njagi Elijah: Ukichengwa tulia.., even youtube knows your loose mouth and don’t want to risk their business..😉

Mburu Wa Mbuthia: Are you sure the whole thing wasn’t in your mind before you swallowed crates of chania river brews?
After sobering up, open a YT channel, open your heart (sic) crate and tell us what you intended before blackout.

Steve G. Njoroge: Whoever did it saved u a jail term.your mouth is your biggest enemy mheshimiwa.You are very intelligent i cannot deny bt wreckless with your tongue.Remember its not what you say that is wrong rather its how u say it..enjoy your sunday Njamba ya Ruririi

Dennis Okana:
You posted this thing late at night. am sure you were not at the right senses, drunkards we never lie. I believe you.

Souleymane Bin Saidi:
You’re being shown what level you are without the strings of the state

Mwenda Miriti:
Good work! Government should protect its citizens from consumption of harmful products. I hope the two hours there were no casualties

Makabuti Valdano Eric: You create and bring down the channel. The other day you kidnapped and freed yourself. We know your acts and handwriting

David Gakuya Kariuki:
Reminds me of a weeks ago when you were ‘ kidnapped’ to an unknown location. Keep it up.

Paul Kagola Jr:
The only thing you will be celebrating, is your Birthday!

Kamasasa Amos Ephraim: All drunkards accounts were brought down. You cant have a command on bad mouthing even on Youtube. No!

Kirika Githaiga:
Actually you unknowingly deleted it by mistake, blame the shakes. Pombe sio soup .

Mwalimu Aleky: And tht how Berlin wall was brought down..soon Facebook is coming…utajua utapolea wapi the social media slay king

Thiong’o Wa Gichuhi: Moses Kuria you are becoming too useless, watch out yourself. Mediamax is sacking people and they are starting YouTube channels and no one is closing them down. What did you have in yours for it to be closed

Kamaacia Kamaacia:
They are after your balls and neck mhesh seek God’s protection!

Brian Jeff Mwangi: Remeber when u posed for a photo near msandos vehicle when he was killed.. You are yet to see more from son of ngina than Waititu.

Mwalimu A Mla Chake: We expected worse things to be done to you until you remain silent… The raila you keep on insulting was jailed for several years and tortured severely wewe hapa unakuja kutuambia about your YouTube channel!……. Don’t forget you talked to Jeremiah Kioni in a very derogatory manner and whatever is happening around you could be as a result of curse from men like him.

Timothy M. Muya:
Those damning allegations on how you have turned Gatundu south CDF as a family affair won’t go away. Your people are now very well informed of your machinations, how you used your family to loot from public coffers. You have no where to hide. Hypocrite


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