Drama: Murathe’s bodyguards withdrawn after Jubilee loss

Drama: Murathe’s bodyguards withdrawn after Jubilee loss

By Dennis Itumbi via FB

The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau ( HNIB) can confirm there is a major stand -off in Jubilee.

On one side is the David Murathe group that also has Party SG Rapharl Tuju and on the other side Harambee House Prefects and Two Governors.

So vicious is the exchange that, the Harambee House group has withdrawn the armed security guard and police driver attached to one David Murathe.

Murathe and Co. On their part have re-opened UK Centre – with the full blessings of Gigiri.

” To run politics as we did before getting into Government,”

The Murathe group argues the role of CS Fred Matiang’i and PS Karanja Kibicho is FACILITATIVE and not Participative.

They want the Prefects to fund campaigns and keep off campaigns.

This part of campaigns is also supported by ODM, due to the excessive use of Police in the Bonchari by-election.

The other narrative is the role of sitting Governors in campaigns.

“Kimemia and Nyoro brought their baggage into the campaigns, making it harder to convince people,” one group argues.

The Governors on their part say, ” Party nominations are detached from ground realities, we are getting very weak candidates”

During the Kanini Kega meeting in Nyeri, there was an agreement that ‘Kimemia is Useless’ and the consensus in the meeting also attended by Directorate of Criminal Investigations – DCI was to open corruption investigations on Kimemia so as ‘ to put him in his place and win back the trust of the people of Nyandarua’

Drama: Murathe’s bodyguards withdrawn after Jubilee loss


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