DP Ruto’s presidential quest is dead; harambees, insults, bribes to Kikuyu MPs will not rescue him

DP Ruto’s presidential quest is dead; harambees, insults, bribes to Kikuyu MPs will not rescue him

By Kiberenge Jnr

As I have always said in my previous articles, hustler’s Presidential quest crumbled the day of the famous handshake on the steps of harambee house. No amount of harambees and church functions will propel him to the highest office. No amount of biblical quotes will help him rescue his dead ambition. The well of sympathy he has been trying to drain dried several years ago.We are witnessing a no-holds-barred-gloves-off phase.

PS Karanja Kibicho is not any other ordinary civil servant. He is a very key actor within the corridors of power and a powerful state operative playing a vital role in the 2022 succession matrix by pressing appropriate buttons. Ask Governor Sonko and he will tell you this is the man who made him run for dear like from Nairobi to Mua Hills in Machakos County from where he was running the County Government of Nairobi before he gave in.

The most daring action by Kibicho is that of withdrawing security details of key lieutenants of the hustler as well as making sure interior ministry officials in Nyeri County stay away from hustler’s church function in Tetu- the clearest indication that hustler’s water-loo is irreversible. For a civil servant to have the audacity to press such a button, he must be 100% sure that the hustler will never be his boss as President. He must have got sufficient assurance to that effect. He must have gone through a well choreographed succession script with clear objectives,actions,timelines and outcomes.

The unfolding events have ashamed hustler’s clique of admirers and left them with eggs on their faces.Indeed, just a few months ago they were lecturing us of how the hustler is a smart and shrewd politician. They were wrong. His underbelly has laid to bare our fears- that without state machinery he is a nobody.He was pegging his Presidential quest on the support of state machinery and the kikuyu community. But all that is now water under the bridge.It all disappeared into thin air. He was also hoping that maintaining and sustaining the strategy of continuously painting Raila as the enemy would act as the scare crow and glue that ties kikuyus and kalenjins together. Alas. That has not worked. Uhuru and Raila dismantled that strategy with the historical handshake. He will not be allowed to move any where close to becoming a president. He will not enjoy his looted billions in peace.

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Talking about looted billions, he is a billionaire without a source of the billions. A jack of all trades and a master of none, so to speak.As soon as he assumed the office of second in command, he made Uhuru a lame duck President. Then he applied the principle of ”have your hands every where, but don’t leave your finger prints anywhere”. He then embarked on a looting spree left, right and center. For him, morals do not count. Principles do not count. Corruption is a lifestyle.
As the hustler and his choir of clueless sycophants rant in campaign rallies camouflaged as church functions and harambees, the key board master Uhuru is silent only pressing missile buttons, one after another. The choir master Murkomen has since developed cold feet. I understand he is a lawyer, although i have never heard him quote any article of the law. The only article i have always heard him quoting is ”the law is very clear”

The hustler in his arrogance did not take his time to understand how the deep state operates. If he was smart, he would not have shunted into political oblivion Messrs Henry Kosgey, Dr Sally Kosgey, Franklin Bett, Musa Sirma, Zackayo Cheruiyot and Isaack Rutto. This are fellows who have been in the corridors of power in the past and they understand how the deep state operates. They have contacts within the deep state- not just contacts, but very useful contacts. This are people who can invest their millions in the hustler’s campaign. In particular Franklin Bett and Dr Sally Kosgey were at the center of the deep state in their capacities as state house comptroller and secretary to the cabinet respectively. Moi and Mama Ngina can pick a call from the two at any time. The hustler was supposed to make sure this clique of people get into elective positions in the Rift Valley, then move them closer to himself as an inner circle and use them as conveyor belt into the deep state. By now he would have already shaken Moi’s hand.

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The people surrounding him are amateurs who have no idea what the deep state is and how it operates. They are only usefull in ranting and heckling in rallies. They have no useful contacts. They cannot donate cash to the hustler’s campaign.The relationship between the hustler and them is his wallet.
The hustler has gone through everything that should have made him mature to a Presidential material. When the Deputy Presidency failed to make him mature, we though a PHD would do. But he wont upgrade his reasoning from the level of YK92.

While Uhuru and Raila are talking development, the hustler is busy talking about waganga and watu wa kuong’oa reli. As a leader, you dont need a PHD to understand that using phrases like ‘watu wa kung’oa reli’ is outright stereotyping and alienating of a community. How then will you treat this community if you were to become President? God forbid. One more reason why you must never become President of our beloved country.

Harambee house annex is directly opposite the main harambee house on harambee avenue. The two prestigious offices are connected with a one minute walk pedestrian crossing.Will he manage to cross? Its near yet so far.
The lull before the storm.


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