DP Ruto repackages propaganda machine, Itumbi dumps Uhuru, to take charge of messaging

DP Ruto repackages propaganda machine, Itumbi dumps Uhuru, to take charge of messaging

The internet was on Wednesday morning  treated to a stupid theater of desperation with hashtag #Vote4Ruto. The hashtag  is alleged to have been coined by Ruto surrogates to test waters . It is suspected that Ruto’s main online warrior the man Uhuru kicked out of Statehouse Dennis Itumbi has finally settled and will henceforth lead the online team that has been largely moribund under the leadership of the colorless Emanuel Talaam.

Itumbi, a staunch Uhuru supporter has been struggling to make decision as to which camp to align with (Tanga Tanga or Kitaeleweka) given his Kikuyu heritage (Itumbi hails from Gichugu, Kirinyaga county), he owes his rise stature to Uhuru’s generosity given the fact he was appointed to a senior public service job on a strength of a certificate course from a media technical school based in  South B Nairobi.

Well, after spending several months crying and cursing Statehouse mandarins for kicking him out, Itumbi is now fully settled, he has thrown in the towel and given up hope of ever being recalled to Statehouse, he is team hustler in full gear a thing that he has been reluctant to aggressively project just as love relationships he seems to have moved on, all doors of the closet are broken. Be prepared for more irritating posts, be prepared for dummy accounts distorting debates on social media, be ready for soft hate speech and much more.

Itumbi however will miss the crucial services of techinical support of professionals who put matters into perspective, he is techincally dwarfed at policy level given his level of education (he can only parrot that which has been analysed for him, he is good at clamming). He will be supported by Eric Ngeno who also was humbled and kicked out of statehouse, he is the guy who writes most DP Ruto’s hard hitting speeches that are not presidential for he dwells on abusing Raila instead of focusing on content, very petty bitter guy who seem to regret his career path. Ngeno’s law school peers are running big law firms making millions while he is stuck at Harambee house Annex writing pieces of irrelevant speech for just 350,000 per month.

They had created posters of the DP, showing his support from different parts of the Country.

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However, DP Ruto’s Tanga Tanga team has distanced itself from the trend. They say the hashtag has been created by Ruto’s enemies who want to compromise his reputation.

Through Statehouse Direcor for Digital Communications Dennis Itumbi, Ruto’s camp claim to be knowing the people behind the hashtag, whom they claim is the sound of a defeated group that is running out of ideas!

He argues that the DP has been clear on 2022 politics.

Itumbi further argues that It is time for service delivery, Time to serve and do what must be done for Country.

He says Ruto has not even gotten the Jubilee ticket.

Itumbi further claimed that for one to understand who owns the group that is barking on hashtag ‘Vote For Ruto’ “just look at their previous choir of tweets. Same sound, same noise, same lyrics – Same owner!” 

He added that It is an Orchestra with a team, instruments and money but can barely compose a melody.

He said that they wished them well!

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