DP Ruto propaganda machine is resurgent, pushing to implicate Raila in fake gold scandal

DP Ruto propaganda machine is resurgent, pushing to implicate Raila in fake gold scandal

By Dorcas S

Jubilee’s Spin Machine is Now Set to Maximum Speed on Full Spin Cycle Mode!

It was just a matter of time before the pushback and spin begun.

And as usual, the first order of business was to somehow/anyhow rope in/implicate DP William Ruto, the man whose name is missing from the taped conversation between Moses Wetangula and his very peeved but still unidentified “Brother”, into the fake gold scandal.

(Side Note: I still can’t get over how pedestrian and sundry and average and errand boy-ish the angry voice in the recorded conversation made the three most powerful men in Kenya seem!)

Anyhow, implicating William Ruto fell on one Jaheer Zhanda, an apparent foot soldiers implicated in the scandal.

The supposed “billionaire businessman” claimed that he was approached by “four Rift Valley MPs a week ago who had heard of the gold scandal and “implored to implicate Raila and Matiang’i”.

How convenient! How predictable! How less-than-credible!!

Noordin Haji then offered one of the countless and increasingly meaningless “warnings” he has offered since taking office – that “…..unless all facts are obtained and analysed, it is irresponsible and possibly unlawful to publish such material….blah…..blah….”

Somehow, Haji forgot that in the era of social media, no one controls a narrative of any story for long. It looks like the DPP also forgot that his boss Uhuru was a client of Cambridge Analytica, a company that successfully weaponized fake news – propagated on social media – against opponents!

Pot, meet Kettle!
Shoe, how does the other foot feel?

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The fact is that Kenya has long had a role as a transit point for gold from the DRC; a role that arguably precipitated the Goldenberg Scandal. And then as it is now, the scandal implicated top government officials.

The hand-wringing by supporters of the three men mentioned in the taped conversation has now been given support by the long-winded form letter from the DPP’s office seeking to absolve Uhuru, Raila and Matiang’i from the scam while throwing Wetangula under the bus.

Kwani what else would anyone expect from Haji’s office?

Of course he is going to protect the man who appointed him as the country’s Director of Public Prosecution back in 2018.

And with the meaningless “Handshake” now the default go-to for anyone calling out misdeeds of the current government, of course Uhuru’s charge Haji was also going to protect the other half of the rapprochement Raila.

Finally, given the now-accepted chain of command, albeit unspoken, of course the DPP was going to provide cover for the 3rd most powerful politician in the country – Kenya’s Jared Kushner and Kenyatta’s jack-of-all-trades and increasingly master-of-little Fred Matiang’i!

Left to “eat his own tomarros” and carry his own cross is the man who name-dropped during the recording that unearthed the skullduggery reaching the very top of Kenya’s corridor of power, former Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tokyo Embassy building scandal veteran Moses Wetangula.

And the supposedly weupe kama pamba/strait-laced “ngod chosen” trio of Raila, Uhuru and Matiang’i?

All exposed as also-runs!

Let me fasten my seatbelt – fun rollicking times are ahead!

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