DP Ruto mocks Uhuru after withdraw of security of Hon Aisha Jumwa, Mungiki takes charge

DP Ruto mocks Uhuru after withdraw of security of Hon Aisha Jumwa, Mungiki takes charge

Security detail of Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa withdrawn while on her way to Mauche in Njoro, Nakuru County where DP Ruto is expected to attend the rally.

Two GSU police officers assigned to her have been instructed to report to Nairobi immediately.

Hon Jumwa is the latest to suffer on orders from Statehouse after security detail assigned to Kiambu governor Waitutu, Nakuru senator Susan Kihika and MPs hon Kimani Ichungwa and Alice Wahome was withdrawn over links with DP Ruto’s pre mature 2022 presidential campaigns.

Meanwhile DP Ruto is said to have dispatched ex-GSU Kalenjin boys to offer private security to Ms Jumwa who confessed publicly that she loves shaking her hips for the DP.

Governor Waititu is also said to have dispatched ex-Mungiki militants to secure Hon Alice Wahome, senator Susan Kihika and Hon Inchungwa. Looks like team Ruto is all sorted and Uhuru is left with little or no option but just paranoia, he has failed to fight corruption and resorted to PR stunts.

The move by DP Ruto to deploy armed private security to his allies is a slap in face to Uhuru Kenyatta who is growing weak by the day.

Withdrawing security of Tanga Tanga adherents does not eliminate grand corruption within the Jubilee government. Neither does it stop premature 2022 campaigns. Uhuru’s so called fight against grand corruption is all hype and zero substance. Withdrawing state security is an unnecessary diversionary tactic.

Your deputy had temerity to tell you on live TV that corruption does not stop a pragmatic and determined leader from implementing his development programs. In other words Ruto thinks Uhuru lacks pragmatism and determination; and will therefore continue plundering Kenya until thy kingdom come as Uhuru watches helplessly. How many middle fingers must be flashed at the President and tax payers before decisive action is taken? This Jubilee joke has been taken too far.

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