DP Ruto granted VISA to visit USA, used Raila’s network, Statehouse not happy

Exclusive: DP Ruto granted VISA to visit USA, used Raila’s network, Statehouse not happy

It is great news to DP William Ruto, the USA government has issued him with VISA and set to fly out of the country later this week. Last week US Ambassador to Kenya H E Kyle McCarter had warned that Corrupt Kenyans will neither be allowed into the US nor pay for their children’s education there and many speculated Ruto was the target.

Kenya’s most corrupt is a cornered man. The biggest question is did the High Priest of corruption apply for a visa? I know there’s a Kalenjin convention coming up in Dallas!! Am not sure who was designated to be the keynote speaker. But when its followed by this ambassadorial statement, it raises my suspicion that some Kalenjin keynote speaker visa application may have been blocked. However, a successful visit would have been a huge propaganda coup, like the one for Chatham House

Well, sources indicate that Ruto used top lobbyists in Washington linked to supreme leader Raila Odinga to push for approval of his VISA that according to sources had been put hold for a while now. It is obvious the call came from Washington, the technocrats in Nairobi could have not approved the VISA.

Sources close to Ruto indicate that he is set to address a Kalenjin event in Dallas, Texas. He is also expected to visit New York and Washington DC and later fly to CANADA to conclude his 8 day tour of Northern America.

The trip to USA will be a huge a propaganda boast for a man who has zero international connection, it seems that whoever is advising him on his foreign relations is doing a great job, several months ago the DP delivered a historic speech at the Royal Institute of Foreign Relations in London also known as Chantham house.

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It appears that DP Ruto is not leaving anything to chance, be local dynamics and international community in his quest to take over power come 2022. USA government has been accused of siding to the mafia, in 2017 the then USA ambassador Robert Godec was more a Jubilee consultant than an ambassador.


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