Don’t be afraid of death, you will die anyway

Don’t be afraid of death, you will die anyway – Hon. Keter tells DP Ruto

Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter has joined the ongoing assassination debate, two days after DP William Ruto complained over a secret scheme to eliminate him.

On his Twitter handle on Wednesday, the outspoken legislator insisted that at one point, all human beings shall die but the country shall remain intact.

The youthful MP was seemingly taking a swipe at all those involved in the assassination saga. Four Cabinet Secretaries had been drawn to the debate.

“One day our weak and delicate bodies will turn to dust, but our beloved and beautiful Republic of Kenya will forever live. I subscribe to the below sentiments by one of the world’s greatest leaders ever and former president of the Republic of Turkey, the late Gazi Mustafa Kemal,” Keter tweeted.

CSs Peter Munya, Sicily Kariuki and Joe Mucheru on Monday refused to record statements, insisting that the DP ought to make a formal complaint first.

But the DP has reportedly insisted that he can only be interrogated by DCI George Kinoti, ruling out possibilities of Michael Sang grilling him.

“(Sang) was kept waiting for the better part of Monday afternoon in vain. We are still waiting for the way forward,” an informed officer who asked not to be named was quoted by the Standard.

Munya dismissed claims that there was a plot to eliminate Ruto before 2022 polls. He said the meeting held at La Mada Hotel was meant to discuss development.

“The standard procedure is that if someone makes an allegation of that nature, he is required by law to record a statement. The deputy president has not recorded any statement,” Munya said on Monday.

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“We have made it clear that at no time have we ever met anywhere – not just in La Mada, anywhere else – to plan to kill the deputy president or any other person for that matter,” he added.


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