Divorce: The mountain doesn’t want Ruto

Divorce: The mountain doesn’t want Ruto

By Jerome ogolla via FB

He has been edged out of power, and as we speak he is a ceremonial DP without any power. He is merely clinging to that position like my students of Aligula who sit eleven of them in a desk meant for three

The mountain also doesn’t want Rayila. To them, Rayila is a bakora that is only used to beat up Ruto and then returned to a dark and dusty corner of the house

The bakora can also be picked when Uhuru wants to have a walk, and then returned to the very place. The bakora doesn’t have the capacity to know what’s in the mind of the master or when it will be needed again

The mountain is sly and selfish and very dishonest. It doesn’t want Rayila and Ruto together

Now the mountain has categorically objected the Ruto/Rayila pact. The mountain wasn’t going to vote for Ruto, anyway. There are no factions in the mountain. The same force only divided into squadrons to confuse the enemy

The mountain wasnt/isn’t going to vote for him whether he is/was in a political union with Rayila or not. The mountain is scaring the DP with a dead snake

The support they are threatening to withdraw wasn’t there in the first place.

This is meant to keep Ruto away from Rayila, so that they can separately be escorted, each to their political Golgotha, for a date with the cross

The mountain acts like a man who has married another lady and rejected his former lover, but when he hears the former lover is planning to marry another man, he throws spanner into works to break the marriage

Mudavadi seems to the wisest of them all. After being incited by the mountain to attack Rayila, he has fast learnt that he is being used but will never be given that power and so he has changed mind and stated he is open to coalition with the former, but his slow learner mujahideen are yet to learn to come to terms with this reality, and they still think Rayila is the enemy

Good morning my fellow Hoof-Eaters!!

Divorce: The mountain doesn’t want Ruto


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