Dear DP Ruto supporters, when Uhuru tells you, you didn’t make him president, listen and stop bitterness

Dear DP Ruto supporters, when Uhuru tells you, you didn’t make him president, listen and stop bitterness

William Ruto supporters should stop being angry with Uhuru Kenyatta. Kenyans have been fighting for Raila Odinga to be sworn in as President for last 20 years in vain. You guys are not angry yet; our anger took us to the streets several times, some of our colleagues died, some sustained serious injuries on their bodies. We were teargassed and shot dead, we never quited, we fought, we soldiered on and on.

We always believed our vote would count and make Raila President. In 2007 out of the 8 Provinces only Central voted for Kibaki and he ‘won’ the Presidency. Raila’s win had been pickpocketed by political bandits in PNU. We felt insulted and took to the streets, thousands died. We got nusu mkate, not because we were satisfied but because Baba saw it wise to end the bloodshed.

In 2013 we woke up very early determined to take Raila to State House. Shock on us, Uhuru was declared President amid terrible election irregularities and Supreme Court affirmed the same. There was nothing we could do. We came to facebook and ranted. We said Uhuru is not our President. For those five years we carried with us a lot of bitterness. We insulted Uhuru by every bad name, we exhausted all the insults on him. We hated Kikuyu’s and called them thieves. But that was it BITTERNESS.

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Come 2017, we never tired we choreographed critical campaign messaging TIBIM and TIALALA, mobilized our voters and woke up early to vote for Baba. Again, our dream was shuttered by computers and servers that declared Uhuru President. They made Uhuru President even before we went for the election. This time, the Supreme Court stood with Kenyans and nullified the elections because of the massive election irregularities and thuggery. They declared the election NULL and VOID.

Our Baba realized that the vote does not count, not even IEBC itself believed so since through their lawyers they admitted before the Supreme Court that they don’t know who won elections. The chaps in IEBC don’t even know who wins elections. They are just puppeteers. This time round, we decided to Kuandamana and kulisha Baba the Bibiblo. We declared peace an alien element in Kenya until Ouru called our Baba for a HANDSHAKE. Now Baba is in Government representing Africa in Kenya, Kenya in Africa and Africa in the World. There’s no more bloodshed, the country is united than before. Two bloody antagonists few years ago and sitting and eating from the same plate, a story for another day.

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When Uhuru tells you, you didn’t vote for him. Listen to him and stop being bitter. He knows what he is saying and we the ODM supporters understand what he’s saying. In Kenya you need more than that vote to become President. If Uhuru swears Ruto will never be President, that ka-vote you have will not count. We thought it was all lies but in 20 years we have been living a dream full of emotions. We now believe Raila will be President and he is not even campaigning as much, in funerals, as he used to do in previous years. Iyo tumeachia Ruto and his bitter sycophants.

The anger we have gone through in 20 years has now shifted to Ruto supporters. You feel frustrated and its just 1 year, just a year in opposition, just a year of political blackmail, just a year? We have not even gone into the ballot where most frustrations emerge. I want to remind you that be prepared to live with the frustrations you have now for another 20 years.

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Kenya has no political genius if Raila Odinga never was. Thank you.

By Generali Osumo Jnr


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