Dear DP Ruto, stop stalking Raila on twitter, pick your stand and let it known

Dear DP Ruto, stop stalking Raila on twitter, pick your stand and let it known

Photo: Statehouse operative David Murathe (left) who is seen by many to be the spokesman of THE SYSTEM that has declared total war against DP and DP William Ruto (Right)

Rayila Mak’Odinga and Dr William Arap Ruto are for the very first time reading from the same page
Both, have denounced the harassment of senators, in a bid to force them give in, to the mountain proposed formula

These two gentlemen hitherto disagreed on everything, and I’ve always suspected they shared an “imondo” the gizzard, as it is believed that if any two people share this delicacy, they will become sworn enemies for life

The son of Mzee Samoei opposed everything Rayila said and even if the son of Jaramogi was to say Jesus will come back, Dr Ruto would oppose that in the next church Harambee or public rally
There was a day Ruto opposed what Rayila was to say, even before he said it, that was when the latter had arrived from a sabbatical during the famous “baba, while you were away”
They have today closed ranks on this issue, albeit by default and not by design. Could this be a new dawn, fornthe two elephants of Kenyan politics?

I doubt. Uhuru was sly. He only talked of “kimundu” and “muguruki” while creating a euphoria to herd his tribesmen to the kichinjio, called elections
For one to gather his community together, there must be a reason or an enemy to protect them from. Since no community has an enemy in the other, all these politicians create one where non existed
After getting the votes, the man would shut up, before doing much damage, and this leaves room for a possible reconciliation. As he shut up, Ruto would continue throwing stones to Rayila, basically destroying every possible escape route that had use un case things go nasty in Jubilee

He kept hurling insults and this worked well for Uhuru as he knew the two are almost irreconcilable, and he is can comfortably kick Ruto, knowing he can’t team up with Rayila

Is the bad blood thawing away for a possible reunion? No way, Uhuru can’t let this happen, as these two men will slaughter him, should they unite

Uhuru cannot afford to kick the duo at ago, as that will be too dangerous, for him. He must cling on one, to teach the other a lesson
Ruto supporters have been taught to hate Rayila and they do so with passion, but in real sense, their number one enemy, the man who is holding Ruto by the two hairy tennis balls, without any intention of letting him go is Uhuru

The dog is barking the wrong tree
One person who could give but has chosen to deny Ruto the presidency is Uhuru Kenyatta and not anyone else, not even Rayila
Rayila would also be a fool to team up with someone who wants what he also wants. Uhuru is a better political ally, because no matter his ambitions, he doesn’t want to be president
After this revenue allocation dust settles, they will reset to default and continue their cold war
Again, Ruto cannot run his own race to presidency, they remain yoked with Uhuru in a pact called presidency. He cannot run without Uhuru checking his speed, unless he quits the position

Dear DP Ruto, stop stalking Raila on twitter, pick your stand and let it known


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