Dear DP Ruto, declare your stand on BBI, support or oppose it , it’stime to breakaway from Uhuru’s jaws


By Wahome Thuku via FB

SINCE handshake, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto have been travelling on different paths but towards same direction (or at least purporting to be heading in one direction). I have said before that as we approach 2022 and as the political atmosphere becomes more and more dense, Uhuru and Ruto will get to that one point literally, where they will part ways and head in clear different directions. That point is now here – the BBI moment.

Ruto must make one declaration and unequivocally SUPPORT or OPPOSE the BBI without mincing words. No fence sitting, no being diplomatic, no being nice, no being angry and no kizungu mingi – Support or Oppose.
Opposing BBI while Uhuru supports it will be the breaking point. Its now or never.


Godfrey Njihia Kaguthi: Time of Reckoning is now. Being a master of double speak he is expect a contrary opinion

Wachira Múchiri:
There’s always that point.. boiling point, breaking point..then there is elastic limit.. here is the defining moment.. The BBI is not for’s time we go separate ways.

Mark Mwiti: The BBI is not about ruto supporting it it’s about our taxes we can’t afford to be a nation that is stuck on wage bills and loans

Benaya Wycliffe: Bank this, Ruto will support BBI. He has no option. He will do it with the usual shenanigans: BBI or no BBI sisi tuko tayari, hawa wananchi ndio wataamua

Edwin Mwangi: I wont be surprised to see Ruto supporting this document and then Boooooom,he gets elected 2022……2023 we have another referrendum to ambolish elections!!Funny right😉😂😂😂

Tess Njeri Kabungu: Let them break, The only mistake Ruto can do is support, or be supported by Uhuru, he is better alone

Daniel Chege: Ruto must run away from Uhuru to be on the safer side, the vessel of dynasties is sinking very fast.

Sunday William Musyoka: I’m waiting to see whether he will oppose a document that will give him more powers if he becomes the president.
I’m waiting to see if he will oppose a document which will increase the county allocation fund from 15% to 35% for his aspiring governors like bonny khalwale. Just waiting to see if he will oppose a document that proposes to create a fund for the youths he has been helping with wheelbarrows. Just waiting

George Mwangi: “Friends, bravado, hubris, and threats are not necessary. BBI is for all of us. Let us all agree on the implementation matrix. Institutions, departments, ministries, commissions, Parliament, Judiciary and a REFERENDUM will handle the relevant sections…” – DP Ruto

Munene Luke: He won’t, he will sit on the fence and keep off BBI campaigns. He is not ready for a political contest with Uhuru n Raila on one side.

Dear DP Ruto, declare your stand on BBI, support or oppose it , it’stime to breakaway from Uhuru’s jaws


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