Dear Baba Raila, please wear mask when meeting friends, political slay kings etc, COVID-19 is real

Dear Baba Raila, please wear mask when meeting friends, political slay kings etc, COVID-19 is real

So, TWITTER is on fire following shocking revelations that one of Mombasa Governor Joho’s security detail (bodyguard) tested positive of COVID-19, the news comes hot after the sensational display of opulence by Joho after he hired a luxurious private jet to go visit Baba in Dubai last week.

Well, this is the third time Raila has apparently exposed himself to covid -19 and thank God he has come out unscathed in all the occasions.

First, was sometimes end of March while at his Mombasa/Nyali home where he interacted with the 2017 governor candidate Suleiman Shabal who in turn is alleged to have had contact with Kilifi deputy governor who later tested positive. Later Raila secretariat issued a press statement and clarified that he had not met Mombasa and Kilifi county leadership… well, that very week on his Facebook page he had posted photos meeting Suleiman Shabal.

The 2nd time is in June, the former prime minister has been hanging out with his ‘brother’ Uhuru Kenyatta at Statehouse and they were even caught on CCTV cameras in Nairobi CBD where they had driven together to inspect road construction works undertaken by NMS’s general Badi team, again, a week later more than 7 statehouse staff were tested positive of COVID 19, of course both Uhuru and Raila tested negative.

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It is obvious that at +74, Raila has seen it all both the good, the bad and the ugly of this world, as a grandpa, he has nothing to lose, we have seen him stop aides whenever they try to protect him from unwarranted advances from crazy fans (remember that girls in a video that went viral where Baba was with Mama Ida, Jim Orengo and others, the girl was shaking kiuno to Baba in a very embarrassing way, Mama Ida signaled the aides who tried to pull the girl off but baba was like let her do her thing….

For Jakom aides, it can be tough controlling a grandpa, a person who has reached self actualization BUT kindly overrule him and do your job, history will judge you harshly if shit happens to Baba. He is set to be president and some of you will have immense power in the bubble that is presidency, you better learn the discipline now,lest you are the disaster awaiting us.

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