Deaf Couple Weds in Rare Colourful Ceremony [VIDEO]

Toyota Prado vehicles in a wedding convoy
  • A deaf couple tied the knot on a rare occasion at the PCEA Kagio Church in Kirinyaga County on Saturday, December 19.

    Bernard Macharia and Fridah Kagwiria, are said to have met a year ago at the same church and began their courtship.

    The wedding was themed red and purple with the bridesmaids donned in red flowing dresses while the man wore purple suits. In addition, all those in the bridal party were deaf.

    Toyota Prado vehicles in a wedding convoy

    In the rare occasion, all eyes were on the sign language interpreter who had to elucidate what the couple was saying to the congregants.

    When the couple exchanged their vows, the wedding guests cheered on using signs.

    “It is a wedding like no other because, in this area, people have not witnessed a couple living with disabilities wed,” a resident in the area stated.

    The presiding reverend, Simon Maina, also called on residents in the area to avoid stigmatizing those that lived with disabilities in the society.

    Just like other couples, the deaf can have their unions cemented either in church, customary marriages or civil.

    When deaf person intends to marry under the civil type of marriage, he or she has to give the person in charge of the region and the government registrar a notice in written form. 

    It should not be of more than 90 days and less than 21 days. After receiving the announcement, the registrar publishes the date and venue where the ceremony will take place. 

    If the couple meets the necessary requirements, then, they would be required to present a sign language interpreter who would help in communication between the couple and the one presiding the ceremony.

    Macharia and Kagwiria’s wedding came months after another deaf couple, Peter Thuo 36, and Marion Kathambi 33, exchanged their marriage vows at New Life Impartation Church in Nderi, Kiambu County.


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