DCI Arrest Man After Wife’s Suicide Claim

A Kenyan Police Officer at a crime scene
  • Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Wednesday, January 13, took into custody and launched investigations into a man who allegedly killed his wife and tried to pass it off as a suicide.

    In a statement, the DCI noted that the man was believed to have killed his 34-year-old wife the previous night, before he set-up a suicide scene at a nearby mango tree.

    Preliminary investigation by detectives established that the deceased had prepared and had supper with her husband (the suspect) around 9 pm.

    After dinner, the man is said to have turned against her with blows and kicks.

    A Kenyan Police Officer at a crime scene

    On Wednesday morning, detectives revealed that the suspect took their young daughter to a neighbour’s house before going to his usual place of work.

    The neighbours began a search for the woman when they did not spot her within the area.

    According to the police, the suspect claimed to have no knowledge of her whereabouts.

    The victim’s body was found loosely tied and inclined to the tree at a sitting position 500 metres from the deceased’s house.

    The body of the deceased was taken to a local morgue awaiting autopsy while the suspect was arrested as detectives carry out investigations into the matter.

    Cases of violent crimes in families have been reported in the month of January 2021. On Wednesday, a mother was arrested after her two children were found dead at their farm in Gaturia, Nyeri County.

    Police in Mukurwe-ini stated that the mother failed to explain what had led to the death of her two children.

    The 28-year-old mother was promptly arrested as the key suspect in the deaths that shocked the neighborhood.

    A Kenyan Police Officer pictured at a crime scene.
    A Kenyan Police Officer pictured at a crime scene.



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