Daring Kenyan Robberies Caught on Camera [VIDEO]

Daring Kenyan Robberies Caught on Camera [VIDEO]
  • The recent spate of criminal activities in Nairobi CBD led to the formation of a special police squad to apprehend and curb the surge. 

    Nonetheless, CCTV cameras installed in shops and streets have also been essential in identifying muggers, pickpockets, shoplifters and armed gang men. 

    Here are the most daring robberies caught on camera in the recent past. 

    1. Police Defending Self

    CCTV cameras captured a police officer in Likoni, Mombasa County, opening fire against three armed men who attempted to break into his shop. The incident occurred on Saturday, May 29. 

    The police constable rushed out of his house with a gun – a scorpion rifle – shot two dead as the third escaped with bullet wounds. 

    2. Traffic Officer Loses Phone

    On Tuesday, July 6, footage emerged of a thief stealing a traffic police officer’s phone. The incident happened at the Roysambu roundabout in Kasarani, Nairobi. 

    In the footage, three people aboard a motorbike can be seen approaching the Roysambu roundabout along Thika Road. They momentarily paused as the farthest one snatched the phone before they sped away.  

    The officer who was stunned by the daring robbers wanted to rush after them but stopped after realising that he couldn’t keep the pace. 

    3. Nairobi Restaurant Phone Snatcher

    A young man, so bold, walked into a Nairobi restaurant, scanned the environment and snatched an unsuspecting customer’s phone. 

    The robber posed as a buyer seeking to quench his hunger and walked past the cashier and the victim before passing at the door and struck when presented with the right chance.

    4. Ainea Ojiambo Moi Avenue Shootout 

    Celebrated actor Ainea Ojiambo was reportedly caught on camera – on Friday, April 30 – shooting two thugs who attempted to steal his priced necklace. The bullet, nonetheless, allegedly struck a security guard who passed away on the spot as the duo scampered for safety. 

    Ojiambo, is a Kenyan actor famous for starring in The Constant Gardener, Bullion and Jack Zollo: My Life in Crime. He is also a private military contractor and top marksman. 

    5. Woman Steals From a Nairobi Shop

    On April 14, a woman posing as a customer was caught on tape stealing from a shop in Eastleigh, Nairobi. The lady executed a well-orchestrated plan that started with distracting the attendant to stealing a phone inside a handbag. 

    6. GSU Officers Roped Into Ksh13M Robbery

    Several General Service Unit (GSU) officers were recorded breaking into a premise where they reported to have escaped with Ksh11 million and gold jewellery. 

    The incident was reported to have occurred in Isebania, Migori county.