Daniel Adongo’s Father Speaks Over Son’s Troubled US Lifestyle

  • Daniel Adongo’s father spoke out after a video of the former rugby star went viral on social media on Friday, August 14. 

    In the video, the 31-year-old can be seen smoking while in a dishevelled look. The former National Football League star had huge rings pierced into his nose and his hair was unkempt.

    His father stated that he had set out to bring the situation under control and thanked Kenyans for supporting the family and the former rugby star during such a trying moment.

    “The process to resolve the difficulties our beloved son is going through are underway. It is understandable that such a situation can befall any young person. 

    A photo collage of former NFL star Daniel Adongo in a video shared on Thursday, August 13, 2020

    “We are grateful that the outside world has empathised with us and as a family, we don’t take for granted the support we have received,” he spoke in an interview with a local daily on Friday, August 14.

    He went on to request Adongo’s fans to stand with him through his troubled life and also urged Kenyans to accord the family privacy as they seek to remedy the situation.

    Adongo’s woes commenced after his contract was terminated by Colts in 2015 after he got involved in a domestic violence tiff. 

    While speaking on his YouTube show, comedian Felix Odiwour stated that he is a close friend of the embattled star and was sad to hear that he was indulging in drugs after going broke.

    Jalang’o stated that while signing with Indianapolis Colts to play as an outside linebacker, Adongo was offered a contract worth Ksh 200 million. 

    “We are not in his space to understand what he is going through. Everybody is concerned. May God shine on his way,” Jalang’o prayed, joining thousands of Kenyans who wished Adongo well. 

    Speaking with kenyagist.com, Sports Psychologist Kanyali Ilako stated that it is important for athletes to work with psychologists in the early stages of their careers to understand what lies ahead in terms of injuries, transitions and other career issues such as terminations. 

    Daniel Adongo warms up before an NFL Match in the US in 2014

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