‘CS Matiangi ordered police to arrest and throw me in jail’- Hon Cherargei cries out loud

‘CS Matiangi ordered police to arrest and throw me in jail’- Hon Cherargei cries out loud


Today’s events are a continuation of the primitive method of political suppression by those with access to state machinery against those perceived to be anti establishment.

The executors of this backward strategy have become so predictable to the extent of resuscitating a case written off by detectives themselves 4 months ago ,hardly 48 hours after we called them out for engaging in arrogant politics at the expense of serving the public.

On Saturday without ambiguity I stated that Interior CS Fred Matiangi stands no chance of being elected even a cattle dip chairperson in Nyamira County and therefore has no locus to look at the Deputy President in the eye, leave alone mentioning his name sheepishly.

Instead of countering that statement by quitting and seeking election at the nearest cattle dip, the self proclaimed technocrat confronts me at the entrance of Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi yesterday afternoon and promised me to wait for results within 24 hours.

True to his words , a well mooted plan was hatched to arrest and arraign me at 4 p.m with the intention that I spend the night at the cells as is the trend.

Lucky enough , we have a sobre and impartial judiciary which I swear to defend for as long as I live and for as long as I am the chair Justice & Legal affairs in the Senate.
The evil plans were thwarted and I have been released on reasonable bond terms .

Dear compatriots, between us and being crashed is God and judiciary.Anybody against the two is an enemy of the people.

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To peace loving Kenyans I am one of you and will never engage in what the Harambee house prefects wants you to believe.

I am a champion of cohesion and will use my portfolio to advance and entrench the same.
We shall overcome !

# mtetezi

Cherargei kiprotich

Senator Nandi county

Chairperson justice legal affairs and human rights committee in Senate

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