CS Matiang’i on the Spot as Police Officer is Abducted on Thika Road

  • The family of a police officer allegedly abducted along Thika Road on Monday, September 13 now want the Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i to produce the officer.

    Speaking to a local media outlet, Omar Dida stated that his son, Osman Godana, Senior Police Sergeant, was abducted at the Blue Post area along Thika Road.

    Dida stated that his son left his home in Laisamis, Marsabit County at 5 p.m., headed to Nairobi on the day he was abducted.

    Kenya’s Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) officers

    According to Dida, his son’s journey was cut short at about 9 pm. He stated that a black vehicle suddenly stopped ahead of Osman’s car as he drove past Blue Post.

    “The four men were in a black vehicle that resembled a Toyota Noah. They blocked his vehicle next to Del Monte, on his way to Nairobi,” his father narrated.

    This caused the police sergeant to apply the emergency brakes to avoid hitting the vehicle. Before he could make head or tail of what was going on, four occupants of the vehicle stepped out and walked towards his car.

    Osman’s father stated that the four were fellow police officers.

    “All four occupants of the vehicle were police officers. They all had bulletproof vests on and each had a gun,” Dida added.

    The four officers commanded Osman to step out of his vehicles, asking him to raise up his hands, which he duly complied with. They then bundled him to the black vehicle and drove off.

    Dida said that that was the last time he heard from his son. He added that he did not know of his son’s whereabouts or whether he was dead or alive.

    He now wants the Interior Cabinet Secretary to help him find his son who he insisted was a police officer. Osman was attached to the Laisamis police station.

    The police officer’s abduction adds to the number of people who have been arrested by police officers under unclear circumstances. 

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