CS Kagwe’s Son & Other Stars Who Broke Out During Covid-19

  • When the world gives you lemons, make lemonade – this seems to be the mantra adopted by a new crop of Kenyan break out stars commanding attention on social media.

    When the pandemic struck the country in March, everything including job security and economic opportunities seemed to be nosediving to the detriment of many people around the world. 

    However, there were a few lucky people who continued to shine in rather dark circumstances.  kenyagist.com compiled a list that of including Tik Tok star Azziad Nasenya and four other individuals who caught a career boost during this period.

    They got attention, some through questionable means while others like comic Elsa Majimbo have risen above the fold to compete with international movie stars.

    Below is a list of five Kenyans who blew up on social media during Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya.

    1. Elsa Majimbo
    Kenyan comic Elsa Majimbo.

    One year ago, few on Twitter had a clue who Elsa Majimbo was but today, having premiered her own show on IG TV dubbed ‘Bedtime With Elsa‘, she is interacting with Hollywood stars.

    She kicked off her superstardom on social media by posting funny videos on quarantine life that have been shared multiple times by everyday people as well as global superstars, turning her into a phenomenon in just under 6 months.

    “I realised that formal education is not my beginning and end, as we have been drilled. I have so much to offer and I am so happy doing what I do,” she stated.

    She has been interviewed on CNN by Anderson Cooper and has been nominated for an E! People’s Choice Award in the African Social Star category.

    She has been appointed as the Fenty brand ambassador.

    2. Kahumburu Mutahi

    Kahumburu Mutahi (Kahush), CS Mutahi Kagwe's son and Kenyan rap artist
    Kahumburu Mutahi (Kahush), CS Mutahi Kagwe’s son and Kenyan rap artist

    When Mutahi Kagwe assumed office as Health CS, it was baptismal by fire as the pandemic erupted shortly after requiring him to make regular public matters on the

    The newfound attention spread beyond Kagwe to his son, Kahumburu Mutahi, popularly Kahush, was baptised as a star rapper.

    The Hip Hop rapper had a song that topped the airwaves since its release on Sunday, November 3, 2019, but became a marquee name after the pandemic struck.

    In one separate incident, his father found himself in the spotlight when a video of Kahush interacting freely at a party went viral at a time gatherings had been banned.

    He quickly shut off the media noting that all his children were grown up.

    3. Azziad Nasenya

    File photo of actress and content creator Azziad Nasenya.
    File photo of actress and content creator Azziad Nasenya.

    Today, Tik Tok star Azziad Nasenya is sitting pretty as the global ambassador for Save Our Future barely eight months since she broke out as a star.

    She sprung into fame after Tik-Tok videos of her dancing to popular secular songs went viral in April 2020. 

    She gained much of her fame with her Tiktok cover of Femi One and Mejja‘s Utawezana song earlier this year and has quickly become one of the country’s most popular figures with hundreds of thousands of followers across platforms including Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

    She was also chosen to host a cooking show alongside Comedian Mulamwah.

    1. Chebet Ronoh
    Online content creator Chebet Ronoh during a past interview
    Online content creator Chebet Ronoh during a past interview

    Chebet Ronoh is an online content creator who started out on YouTube and has expanded her wings to radio.

    Since starting her career in comedy, Ronoh has revealed that she hit a number of milestones including becoming a millionaire at 19 years old.

    “Earned my first million, appeared in a magazine, appeared in a couple of newspaper, headlined in a couple of blogs, met my Kenya idols and interviewed some, earned 4.2 million YouTube views on Chebet Ronoh,” she stated.

    She currently hosts a show on NRG.

    5. Joan Kubai

    File image of Joan Kubai
    File image of Joan Kubai

    Joan Kubai went viral on social media abruptly in July after a house tour of their family mansion in Runda, Nairobi.

    The video shared by Kubai, a social media user said to be the daughter of a prominent figure on Sunday, July 5, offered a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of Kenya’s rich, with several rooms, an indoor lift and swimming pool among features depicted.

    It was widely circulated on platforms including WhatsApp and Twitter, and even inspired an online petition by one Kenyan who sought 100 signatures in support of him moving in with the Kubais.

    The video was said to be part of the global ‘Rich Check’ challenge that had taken platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram by storm at the time.


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