Coronavirus: Secret Cameras Expose Police Carelessness [VIDEO]

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe addressing the media outside Afya Centre on March 18, 2020.
Police officers are on the forefront in helping the government curb the spread against coronavirus across the Country.

However, it has been revealed that they do not always adhere to the safety measures laid out by the government to avoid the spread against the deadly virus.

In an expose done by NTV’s Denis Okari, he shed light on ways police officers are endangering their lives and those of others while in the line of duty.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe addressing the media outside Afya House on March 18, 2020.


Through hidden cameras, the reporter captured the current situation at Kamukunji Police station, where officers go about their usual business.

From the video, no police officers are seen wearing gloves or face masks. 

Also, there is no presence of hand sanitizers or a water point to wash hands that can be spotted in the station, a key directive by the government in curbing the spread of the disease.

In addition, the officers freely interact with those they have arrested throughout the day. In fact, they serve them with the morning tea before they sign out and change shifts with other officers.

Here, there is an exchange of firearms but the officers do not sanitize their hands yet again.

On the other hand, those on remand do not practice social distancing. They are seen having breakfast in close proximity to each other.

Bearing in mind that the officers deal with many people during the day, it is important for them to be extra vigilant in adherence.

In a bid to curb the spread of the deadly virus, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has continuously stated that one of the basic ways is to wash hands or alternatively use hand sanitizers.

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Below is the video courtsey of NTV;

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