Comedian Alex Mathenge on Quitting 10-Year Radio Career

Comedian Alex Mathenge performing a skit with Sleepy David
  • Comedian Alex Mathenge has revealed how he decided to quit his career in radio to concentrate on his content creation venture.

    Speaking to, he said that the decision to leave Radio Maisha in 2019 was a risky move considering the content creation industry was just blossoming. 

    “It was a risk because nobody knows the future but by that time I had already started earning from YouTube,†he said.

    Comedian Alex Mathenge performing a skit with Sleepy David

    Mathenge is one of the leading online content creators boasting more than 200,000 subscribers in his YouTube channel.

    He got his first job on radio when former Nation Media Group CEO Linus Gitahi picked him from Kenyatta University where he joined Q FM.

    Mathenge was then poached by Radio Citizen and later Radio Maisha, serving as a content creator and copywriter in the advertising department where he wrote and directed scripts. 

    In a recent interview with Jalang’o, the comedian who performs skits dressed as a police officer said that Tony Njuguna (Redykulass) helped steer him into the business of copywriting, after hiring him for an ECK (IEBC) ad. 

    “If I can quit my 10-year employment journey to do comedy that shows that it has a future and it pays,†Mathenge explained. 

    The comedian also let it slip that he invested Ksh 20,000 in his police costume which closely resembles the real one.

    The costume was recently the subject of social media debate following the fake arrest of musician Ringtone Apoko.

    Photos and videos emerge on the social networks showing the musician on the ground being accosted by men who pretended to be police officers. 

    Despite their faces being hidden, Kenyans were able to identify Mathenge using his unique costume and concluded that the arrest was staged. 

    Mathenge also said that his costume has never landed him in trouble with the police because those in the service are able to recognise the difference. 

    Comedian Alex Mathenge receiving an accolade from YouTube
    Comedian Alex Mathenge receiving an accolade from YouTube

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