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Benzema – Class 2

Benzema – Class 2

Ethic Entertainment – Bazenga

Groove all through the weekend with this song from Ethic Entrainment captioned Bazenga.

Bahati ft Rayvanny –...

Bahati links up with Rayvanny on “Kiss”

Nyashinski ft Khaligraph Jones...

Nyashinski ft Khaligraph Jones – Ting
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Close friend Peter Kioi receives death threats

Peter Kioi is one of Jeff Mwathi’s closest friends and he has been pushing to see justice for his late friend. If that isn’t a friend, I don’t know what is. His friend met his end in a brutal, gruesome manner which shocked the entire nation.

Jeff Mwathi plummeted to his death from the 8th floor of an apartment complex and the impact was so hard when he made contact with the ground, that his brain matter “leapt” out of his broken skull.

Perhaps such a death for his friend is what has spirited Peter Kioi on to seek justice or perhaps it was the rumours swirling about that he was sodomised before he was killed. That’s right, its an angle DCI officers are pursuing because Jeff’s body was recovered with his pants around his ankles.

Andrew Kibe went too far in rubbishing Jeff Mwathi’s death

Whatever the case may be, Mr Kioi has been pushing to see justice is delivered for Jeff Mwathi and his family and friends. As a result, he seems to have attracted some unwanted attention from individuals who are threatening to kill him.

This threat to Peter Kioi’s life is a serious one and should be taken with all the somberness it deserves because whoever is threatening him is doing so in an attempt to pervert the course of justice in a murder investigation.

Late Jeff Mwathi’s family finally hopeful after CS Kithure Kindiki intervenes 

The DCI has already stated they have collected crucial evidence on the matter and are seeking even more to make their case against DJ Fatxo, his cousin and their driver airtight. However, it should be noted that during an interview with Mungai Eve, Peter Kioi clarified that his harasser claimed not to be affiliated with either his late friend or DJ Fatxo. That means that whomever it may be is a mystery.

The person harassing Peter Kioi however, did say that he wants t end his life because he is making life difficult for them with his constant inquiries into this specific matter.

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