City Hall’s Aging Workforce Get Ksh747M Salary Boost

Inside the Nairobi County Assembly chambers.
  • City Hall Nairobi increased the allocation for staff salaries and perks by Ksh747.4 million in the year to June 2021.

    The supplementary budget tabled before the county assembly last week raised the allocation for staff costs from the initial Ksh5.62 billion.

    Nairobi County also allocated Ksh 246 million to Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to cater for their car grants. 

    If approved, the 123 MCAs will each receive approximately Ksh 2 million.

    Inside the Nairobi County Assembly chambers.
    Capital Group

    The supplementary budget further prioritized completing stalled projects prior to embarking on any new ones across the capital city.

    “The supplementary budget will ensure the county can re-align its sector priorities and funding so that we ensure we can get the most benefit from the sectors we prioritise,” Finance executive Allan Igambi stated during the presentation.

    Notably, a biometric report in 2019 showed that about half of City Hall’s employees were over 50 years and were due for retirement.

    It further showed that out of the 11,603 City Hall workers, 5,709 had passed the 50-year mark, with only 792 of the employees below the age of 35.

    2,712 workers were aged between 55 and 59 years, 2, 978 between 50 and 54 years, and 2, 663 between 45 and 49 years.

    More than half of the workforce is made up of females accounting for 6,118 against 5, 485 males.

    Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko released the much-awaited report following a biometric exercise that he had kickstarted in May 2019.

    Sonko was looking to weed out any ghost workers present within the assembly and eradicating impostors.

    The cards were also meant to aid in the public verification of county workers and centralization of employee services through the employee self-service module.

    Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko during his impeachment hearing in December 2020.
    Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko during his impeachment hearing in December 2020.

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