Citizen TV Apologises For Rare Delay in Sunday News

An image of an audio mixer
  • Citizen TV has apologised for a rare technical hitch that delayed the station’s Sunday afternoon news bulletin by over 20 minutes.

    Speaking to, a highly-placed source at the Kilimani-based station revealed that the delay was caused by a mixer problem.

    He noted that as soon as engineers caught wind of the issue, they swung into action and salvaged the bulletin 20 minutes later.

    “That was just a technical hitch, no other problem. It is purely technical and was worked on. It was a mixer problem,” revealed the source.

    An image of an audio mixer.

    The bulletin, which often kicks off at 1:00 p.m., was pushed to 1:23 p.m. and suffered a sound hitch in approximately two minutes after kick off.

    The bulletin’s host Wycliffe Orandi also issued an apology for the delay as well as the sound issue during the opening of the newscast promising that the problem had been resolved.

    “We start by apologising for the delay in the start of our 1 p.m. bulletin due to some technical hitch that has now been fixed,” he stated.

    In a live TV production, a vision mixer is a device that is used to select between several different live video sources in order to create visual effects.

    Its operator is known as a technical director who is often expected to generate a variety of transitions, perform keying operations as well as generate colour signals.

    Audio mixers, on the other hand, combine multiple signals and routes them to a common output for recording or amplification through a sound reinforcement system.

    They range from straight-forward tabletop devices to the large-format giants found in TV studios and recording companies.

    In December 2020, Standard Media Group suffered the same fate where all its TV channels and Radio Stations went off air for two hours.

    “This is to inform our viewers and listeners that we are experiencing a technical hitch affecting our TV and Radio signals on our broadcast platforms,” the company explained shortly after the services were restored.

    Affected channels included KTN Home, KTN News, BTV,  Farmers TV and radio stations Radio Maisha, Vybez Radio and Spice FM

    A vision mixer in a busy newsroom
    A vision mixer in a busy newsroom.