Chronology of events in the life of killer police Caroline Kangogo

Chronology of events in the life of killer police Caroline Kangogo

By Jerome ogolla via FB

1. Cpl Caroline Kangogo invited her newly acquired unnamed boyfriend to her house in Nakuru Police Lines

2. Her old boyfriend, John Ogweno visited, not knowing that his co-husband was in. He left in a huff

3. The new boyfriend also left and this made Cpl Kangogo distraught. How could an old boyfriend prevent her from tasting a brand new one eyed snake snake?

4. She cornered Ogweno inside his car and shot him in the head, killing him quickly and permanently. She opted for elimination method to afford her quality time with her newfound. RIP Omera

3. She then set for a 200km journey to Juja where she was to meet another of her many boyfriends. She has a chain of lovers, despite being married to a high ranking police officer in Mombasa

4. In Juja she met her other boyfriend, Peter Ndwiga. They dined and booked a room. While Ndwiga unleashed his other ‘gun’ for that all important horizontal tournament, Cpl Kangogo pulled out a genuine gun, a Ceska and only used one bullet to kill poor Ndwiga. RIP Murume

5. Cpl Kangogo then left, in the middle of the night for the direction of Kisii, looking for another of her many lovers. This mogaka must stay inside a banana plantation until it is safe enough to venture out

6. Kangogo is also said to have been a full time sex worker and a part time policewoman. How she juggled the two demanding professions in a mystery, but there is nothing wrong with any human being using her Wanyonyi given orifices to supplement her income. Even married ladies are exchanging sex for upkeep (with their husbands) and to get education for their children, only that they don’t say

7. Anyone who is known to Kangogo, including her parents and siblings must not sleep inside their houses until this blood thirsty Dracula is arrested. She is armed and dangerous. Anyone who has tasted her ATM must duck inside the nearest culvert and remain there, awaiting further defections

8. Good morning my fellow Hoof-Eaters!!

Chronology of events in the life of killer police Caroline Kangogo