CCTV Offers Leads on Missing Businessman Whose Range Rover was Burnt

Remnants of the burnt Range Rover found at Ngong Forest
  • CCTV footage indicating the last moments of the missing Somali-American Mohamud Bashir Mohammed has been released.

    The clip showed that the businessman, whose Range Rover was found burnt at Ngong Forest Kajiado County, was last seen at Mialle Lounge in Lavington.

    The video showed the businessman leaving the joint at around 6:50 p.m. A few minutes after his departure, his car abruptly stopped indicating that suspicious activity was taking place.

    The CCTV camera also captured passers-by looking in the direction indicating that something unusual was taking place.

    Remnants of the burnt Range Rover found at Ngong Forest.
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    Another CCTV footage had been released showing suspected people intently speaking on the phone in a sync manner suggesting that they were up to something. 

    Speaking to Citizen TV, Bashir’s lawyer Alibaya Hassan revealed that individuals captured on the CCTV cameras looked jittery.

    “You realise in various instances, there are a couple of people who are triangulating and are all on mobile phones. Conversations are ongoing and everyone looks quite jittery. It looks as though they are on a stakeout, watching out, waiting for something to happen.

    “Our firm has handled (such) matters and that was our first suspicion that probably there could be suspicion on his end and maybe they are running investigations. At times, they do such a thing. They hold you for 24 hours and once authorities come on board, it unravels,” he stated.

    Shortly after the commotion, Bashir is reported to have tried contacting his wife but his call was quickly interrupted and phone switched off.

    Bashir went missing on Thursday, May 13, is yet to be found, five days after his disappearance. The 35-year old businessman is a structural engineer and director of a company known as Infinity Development.

    The family of the missing businessman has since contacted the US Embassy to help in the investigation since he held the country’s citizenship.

    His vehicle was discovered by a dealer who alerted the police that the Range Rover was on fire when he tried tracking it.

    Below is the video:


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