CCTV Captures Thief Stealing During Church Service

  • A suspected thief was captured by CCTV cameras stealing at a church on Sunday, June 13 after his well orchestrated plan fell into play. 

    The man, dressed in a light blue shirt, first attended the church service at Joe Ministries Busia as a regular congregant. An usher welcomed him and offered him a plastic seat inside the church. 

    As the service went on, he left in a hurry, seemingly to receive a phone call at the parking lot. 

    Another congregant arrives at the church while riding a motorbike – parks it at the parking lot – and heads back to the gate to sanitise and wash his hands

    A suspected thief (in blue) captured by CCTV cameras at Joe Ministry, Busia greeting his victim

    He greets the suspected thief who has by then moved towards the gate and still pretends to be on a phone call. 

    The suspect was then spotted walking towards the motorcycle and rode it out of the church without arousing suspicion

    According to a lady at the church, the bike was a source of livelihood for the victim and his family. 

    “CCTV cameras have been erected both inside and outside our church. This new visitor was seen walking around the church. We later realised that one of our congregants lost his bike,” the bishop lamented. 

    “These aren’t our members as the thief was also new to us,” a deacon, George Odhiambo added. 

    Busia Deputy Police Commander Steven Kimunya confirmed the incident, adding that they launched a manhunt for the suspected thief. 

    “The victim filed a report with us. The suspect will be subjected to the law and charged in court once arrested,” Kimunya vowed. 

    Detectives recorded statements from eyewitnesses and authorities at the church. 

    A suspected thief (in blue) captured riding a stolen bike by CCTV cameras at Joe Ministry, Busia