Caretaker’s Testimony Throws Twist in Kidnapping of Eastleigh Businesswoman

Hafsa Abdulwahab, a businesswoman in Eastleigh, went missing alongside Hafsa Mohammed Lukman on Tuesday, June 15
  • New details have emerged in the case involving Hafsa Mohammed Lukman, a 23-year-old businesswoman from Eastleigh, Nairobi who had been kidnapped on Tuesday, June 15 but later rescued by detectives on Sunday, June 20. 

    The caretaker at the house in Kitengela where Hafsa was rescued, revealed that two people – a female and a male, had rented the house four days before the victim had been kidnapped.

    The caretaker, identified as Ngina, has now confirmed that one of the two people who rented the house was Hafsa Abdulwahab, Lukman’s friend who had initially been touted as a victim.

    Reports had shown that she went missing the same day as Hafsa and is yet to be traced. 

    Hafsa Abdulwahab, a businesswoman in Eastleigh, went missing alongside Hafsa Mohammed Lukman on Tuesday, June 15

    Ngina revealed that Abdulwahab sought the house on Friday, June 11, but did not pay at first. However, she called four days later with Lukman’s number in order to guarantee payment.

    The caretaker entailed that Abdulwahab used Lukman’s phone to withdraw money at a nearby M-pesa shop and paid the rent for the house.

    Later that night, according to the caretaker, Abdulwahab and two other men parked a black car outside the house. They had bought a tank as well as other essential house items.

    The house manager’s sentiments were also shared by nearby tenants who intimated that the house was rented by two people, presumed to be a couple. 

    The neighbours also entailed that the house constantly had loud music during the day – which did not raise any eyebrows at first.

    However, one neighbour pointed out that screams were heard coming from the house during the wee hours of Sunday morning, June 20.

    “There was nothing out of the ordinary until I heard a woman screaming in the house at around 3am on Sunday morning.

    “I suspected it was a domestic fight but woke up hours later to hear her still screaming. Just as I was thinking about what could be happening, a child told us that there was someone calling for help out of the house,” the neighbour who sought anonymity stated.

    Detectives privy to the investigations affirmed that the search for Abdulwahab is still ongoing. 

    Reports of Lukman came to light after a video emerging of her pleading with her family to pay the Ksh5 million ransom demanded by the kidnappers surfaced.

    The businesswoman was seen tied up and blindfolded, with bruises on her face. This led to investigations whereby Lukman’s family shared all the information from the kidnappers to the detectives. 

    This led to the freezing of Lukman’s accounts which led to the kidnappers fleeing the Kitengela house – fearing that they would soon be nabbed by police.

    One of the accomplices alleged to be part of the operation has since been arrested.

    A police vehicle at a scene of a crime
    A police vehicle at a scene of a crime