Car Dealer Jailed for Defrauding Millions From Clients

An Image of a Court Hammer
  • A car dealer was found guilty of defrauding his two clients more than Ksh 7.5 million after failing to import and deliver top range vehicles from Britain as agreed. 

    Kenneth Njiru Njagi, who was accused of committing the offense five years ago, will serve a four-and-a-half-year sentence for his crime.

    Njiru will also face an added sentence on behalf of his company Kensville Motors Limited, based along Riverside Drive, Nairobi.

    An Image of a Court Hammer

    Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku said the accused betrayed his customers’ trust and was therefore not given the option of paying a fine for the charges.

    Mutuku asked traders to honor the agreements they enter with clients to avoid such incidences. 

    “The two clients lost their money in a venture that never materialized. They made several attempts to recover their money but this was in vain,†Mutuku added.

    The magistrate also noted that the prosecution by State prosecutor Anderson Gikunda proved the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Njiru had been approached by his two clients, Lineal Company Limited and Kimani Maina, who were seeking to import the cars from the United Kingdom (UK).

    Lineal deposited Ksh 4.4 million to the car dealer for the importation of two BMWs while Maina had paid Ksh 3.1 million for a Lexus SUV.

    The two victims, who had waited for five years to receive the cars, resolved to file a civil claim to recover their money.

    The court gave Njiru 14 days to appeal after he pleaded for a lenient sentence on the basis that he was a family man and a first-time offender.

    Hands resting on jail bars at a police station.
    Hands resting on jail bars at a police station.

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