Car Captured Plummeting Down Ngong Hills as Hike Turns Tragic [VIDEO]

Mazda Demio that crashed into a thicket after plummeting down Ngong Hills
On Friday 29, a video surfaced on social media, showing a group of friends having fun at Ngong Hills, with their car, a white Mazda Demio packed close by. 

A distance away was another group of friends, two men, also enjoying the view of the landscape that has become an attraction to many Nairobians. 

The two men spotted the other cluster and started discussing the dangers of parking on the slope. 

Mazda Demio that crashed into a thicket after plummeting down Ngong Hills


“I can’t park a car on the slope, even if it was a powerful Toyota V8 on the slope,” one of the men filming commented. 

“Are you recording?” He asked his friend as if they both anticipated things to take a turn for the worst, going on to capture how expansive the rest of the valley was. 

Almost immediately the white Mazda Demio started its free fall down the slope just as the two had predicted. 

Although they had anticipated it to happen, the scene that was unfolding surprised them so much that they started to shout in shock, throwing in a few curse words.

The car continued plummeting until it was no longer in sight and that’s when they rushed to help their troubled compatriots. 

Fortunately, the car was caught between shrubs which stopped the free fall. When the two men got to where the car had gotten stuck, they found someone inside. Thankfully nobody was hurt. 

The crowd which had gathered implored the man inside the car to disembark immediately, lest the car would dislodge and continue tumbling. 

Several things could have caused the car’s brakes to fail and start the free fall which could have turned out to be deadly. 

Peter Gikuma a car enthusiast who spoke to ruled out a natural phenomenon that could have caused the car to slip downhill. 

He explained that the incident could have been caused by poorly maintained brakes or negligence while parking. 

Ngong Hills has lately been on the headlines as it turned out to be a perfect hideout for party-goers and revelers looking for drinking spots since bars and restaurants were closed. 

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