Brave Woman Incites Nairobians Against Notorious Police Officer

County Askaris going about their patrols in Nairobi.

Mildred Atty Owiso, an activist and one of the administrators of a popular Facebook page, Buyers Beware, has yet again engaged a police officer.

In a selfie video that has since been shared on social media pages, Atty was seen confronting the officer who had sat on the back seat of her vehicle.

“The police have no right to get into someone’s car. They should command you to the station you are supposed to go. They should not get in your car and ask you to drive them to the station.

“I will never give the police a ride in my car. If there is an issue, tell us which police station we are going to but the police have no right to ask someone to drive them in their car,” an angered Atty ranted.

Nairobi County askaris going about their patrols

Three minutes into the video, a crowd was seen surrounding the vehicle, some alleging that it was not the first time the officer has committed the offence.

“We need to see the police officers in their cars, they should not get into people’s vehicles,” one of those in the crowd stated.

The crowd finally managed to get him out of the vehicle as Atty encouraged the citizens to take photos and post him on Facebook.

“Where is your service number? You are just a corrupt officer who wanted to be bribed. I work hard for my money and I will never bribe an officer,” Atty was heard saying.

This is not the first time Atty had an altercation with a police officer.

On November 2019, she was seen engaging county askaris in a heated argument after they entered her vehicle. They commanded her to drive to an impound yard and accused her of flouting traffic rules. 

“You have no right to enter my car and force me to go anywhere. According to the law, you are supposed to tell me where you want me to go, and I will drive and meet you there!” the motorist protested. 

Below is the video;

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