Boy Recounts Moments Before Car Plunged Into Indian Ocean

Divers atop the marooned car
  • Following the tragic accident in which a car plunged into the Indian Ocean at Makupa Causeway in Mombasa, Gift Otieno has recounted the harrowing ordeal.

    Gift and his mother, Winnie Achieng were in the car when it crashed on Wednesday morning December 23 and was lucky to escape with a few minor injuries though his mother was later pronounced dead after arriving at the Coast General Hospital.

    The boy revealed that the Toyota Vitz KCY 556B they were travelling in had a brake failure moments before the tragic crash.

    Divers atop the marooned car

    “Before the car plunged into the ocean, my mum tried pressing on to the brakes but they failed, the car then rolled and plunged into the ocean.

    “I quickly unfastened the safety belt then opened the front door and vacated the car wreckage,” explained the 12-year-old boy.

    Gift added that he learned how to swim from his regular visits to the beach, a skill that would later be a lifesaver.

    The mother was using the outer lane and overtook a motorcycle before hitting the pavement and plunged into the ocean.

    Achieng’ and Gift were travelling from Changamwe towards Mombasa Island when the accident happened.

    Gift’s father, Nahashon Otieno termed the boy’s survival as a miracle and revealed that his son swam a distance of 30 metres to safety. 

    “When they got to Kibarani, the vehicle rolled and plunged into the ocean, the child managed to get out of the car and swim, I thank God that he is alive, unfortunately, he lost the mother.

    “It is a miracle, he swam a distance of around 20-30 metres because immediately after the car skid from the road it ended up around that distance,” narrated Nahashon.

    Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho sent a message of condolence to the Otieno family after losing one of their loved ones in the accident.

    “I extend my heartfelt condolences to the family and friend of Winnie Achieng who passed on following a harrowing car accident at the Makupa Causeway this morning. It is indeed a painful ordeal to lose a loved one in this manner.

    “I humbly urge all road users to strictly adhere to the traffic rules and exercise extreme caution while driving during this festive season, and always. May the Almighty rest her soul in eternal peace,” stated Joho. 

    An image of a car wreckage
    Car wreckage being pulled out of the Indian Ocean in Makupa Causeway, Mombasa on Wednesday, December 23.

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