Boba Boda Riders Change Tactic to Terrorise Nairobi Residents

Boda boda riders at the junction of Kirinyaga and Racecourse Road in Nairobi on June 27, 2017.
  • Residents of Utawala, Nairobi are living in fear following the rising cases of insecurity from boda boda operators.

    The boda boda operators have shifted their tactics to rob residents in the morning due to security being beefed up in the evening to enforce the 9 pm curfew.

    A resident explained how the operators are targeting people early in the morning before roads become busy.

    Boda boda riders at the junction of Kirinyaga and Racecourse Road in Nairobi on June 27, 2017.
    Daily Nation

    “I think the authorities should look into the matter using a different tactic because they are also improving their tactics every day.

    “They come very early and time when people are very few on the road or they come when most residents are still indoors,” explained Kevin Nyongesa.

    The operators have also been captured by CCTV cameras stealing side mirrors from motorists in under 30 seconds.

    Residents blamed the police for laxity despite police stations being present in the area and noted that robbery cases took too long to be acted upon when reported.

    Nairobi Regional Commissioner Wilson Njenga fired a warning to leaders of boda boda saccos that instructions have been issued to police to beef up patrol.

    “We have talked to the police to increase patrol to cover the evening hours and morning hours but we also want members of the public to report on the toll-free number 988.

    “We will also start arresting officials of the boda boda association when a crime is committed by a member, if there is a new member they will have to be registered,” he ordered.

    Bribes were also highlighted as a weak link in nabbing the boda boda operators, as one needs kickbacks to have a case followed up.

    Wilson Njega
    Nairobi Regional Commissioner, Wilson Njenga speaking at a past gathering.

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