Betty Bayo Exposes Pastor Kanyari in Candid Interview

Pastor Victor Kanyari pictured during a church service.
  • Gospel musician Betty Bayo her spilled the beans on her relationship with controversial Nairobi-based pastor Victor Kanyari.

    Speaking during a candid interview uploaded on her YouTube page on Tuesday, July 14, the celebrated singer expressed her regret at having stayed silent for so long regarding her alleged marriage to the man of the cloth.

    “Though I was still a Christian, and still saved, I moved in with a man 3 weeks after we met with no wedding or anything legal ata affidavit hakuna (not even an affidavit),” she confessed.

    According to the 11th Hour hitmaker, she used to attend Pastor Kanyari’s church once in a blue moon, pointing out that he was careful never to introduce her to the congregants.

    Pastor Victor Kanyari pictured during a church service.

    However, he told her to tell anyone who cared to know as that they had tied the knot at a private ceremony.

    In her latest interview, Bayo blamed her naivety, saying that it is was the only way she could explain the actions she termed as rush.

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    She went on to point out the various fights she had during her ‘come we stay’ arrangement. However, it was not all gloom as she explained.

    “Nilienda come-we-stay sorry, I mean come-we-fight. I moved in with a man whose full names I barely even knew. Everyday things were unfolding but I did not keep the social distance. I got pregnant,” she said while chuckling.

    The two have two children together and the singer made it clear that her children are her world.

    She further stated that she had no regrets about her past, reiterating that her eyes were firmly focused on the future.

    The award-winning singer used her tell-all interview to reach out to women who may be going through what she did, stating that there was no shame in speaking out.

    She further asserted that she’s no longer in love Pastor Kanyari, adding that she is only alive to tell her tale due to her faith, ” I suffered from depression and high blood pressure during this period,” she disclosed.

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    The power couple fell out after current Nyali MP Mohamed Ali alias Moha Jicho Pevu aired an investigative feature which showed how ushers at the pastor’s church were allegedly using potassium permanganeate to trick congregants.

    The ‘trick miracle’ involved washing his congregants’ feet with then suddenly ‘blood’ oozed out from their feet when touched by the self-proclaimed prophet. It, however, turned out that the ‘blood’ was just a chemical reaction between potassium permanganate and water.

    Kanyari, the lead preacher of Salvation Healing Ministry, now goes by the name Bishop Mwangi, which he says is his other name.

    Gospel musician Betty Bayo performing in Church.
    Gospel musician Betty Bayo performing in Church.

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