BBI Must get to referendum, Controversial MP declares

BBI Must get to referendum, Controversial MP declares

By Catherine Waruguru via FB

In the spirit of our Constitution, we respect the ruling delivered by the High Court yesterday.

There is need for immediate appeal to the decision as some key issues raised by the BBI team haven’t been sufficiently prosecuted.

On March 4th 2020, in a case filed by Thirdway Alliance against the BBI task force, Justice Mativo of the High Court ruled that the taskforce was constituted legally and that the President acted well within the law in constituting and gazzetting the task force. It’s astonishing to see the High Court making two conflicting judgements.

We must now arise and face the enemy head on. Let us not shy from calling this a biased judgement and a vendetta against H.E Uhuru Kenyatta and the People of Kenya.

There is no law anywhere that states who can and can’t initiate a popular initiative.The judges focused on the process and disregarded the will of 5 million Kenyans who appended their signatures,The County Assemblies, The National Assembly and The Senate. Curiously, the judges cited no relevant jurisprudence for their choices.

The decisions made are to spite President Uhuru but they forget they are denying Kenyans more funds for devolution and equal representation at the legislature.

The end justfies the means.


BBI Must get to referendum, Controversial MP declares


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