Babu Owino’s Goat Plan For Ruto Causes Uproar [VIDEO]

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino addressing a crowd during a past event.
  • Embakasi MP Babu Owino on Monday, September 7 revealed plans to add another goat named Ruto to his collection then later slaughter it.

    Owino was on Tuesday, September 1, gifted two goats by a delegation from the Maasai Community in reference to the exemplary work he has been doing with regards to tutoring students online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    While addressing a large crowd gathering in Embakasi, Babu Owino opened up on plans to get another goat and name it Ruto.

    Embakasi East MP Babu Owino addressing a crowd during a past event.

    “I have two goats, one I named Raila Odinga and the other Uhuru Kenyatta, we will look for another black goat and name it Ruto, then we will slaughter it,” stated Babu.

    Babu Owino, however, failed to explain the symbolism he used when planning to name the goat after Ruto and afterwards slaughtering it.

    His remarks sparked uproar on social media with many calling for his arrest and claimed that he was fuelling the political temperatures in the country.

    The MP and Ruto have had a frosty relationship with Babu hitting out at the Deputy President in September 2019 during the Kibra by-elections as he castigated him by alleging that he is a plunderer of the country’s resources.

    While receiving the donation from the delegation of the Maasai community members, Babu stated that he named the goats Uhuru and Raila to honour the leaders for promoting peace and tranquillity in the country.

    Many students have been following classes on his social media handles following the closure of schools in March after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country.

    While addressing residents, Babu promised that he would tour the constituency to identify poor roads that will be earmarked and included in the budget for rehabilitation.

    Babu also announced that the constituency will now have three hospitals and planned to drill another borehole in the area to solve water challenges.

    “Here in Embakasi we will now have three hospitals, one will be at the police post, the other will be in Soweto, next to the social hall and another in Donholm.

    “If you can give me a chance, I will drill another borehole in Tassia this week, together with the leaders who are present here,” he added.

    Watch Video Below:


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