Babu Owino Reaches Out to Uhuru in Emotional Message [VIDEO]

Residents looking helplessly as a bulldozer pulls down their houses.
  • Embakasi East MP Babu Owino on Saturday, April 10, pleaded with President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop demolitions going on in various parts of the Country.

    Owino reminded the Head of State that local residents had been left homeless and vulnerable in the cold weather and the flooded streets.

    “The demolitions taking place at this time where there is coronavirus are negatively affecting people’s lives, both healthwise and financially,” he said.

    Residents looking helplessly as a bulldozer pulls down their houses.

    Owino’s sentiments come days after 5,000 residents in Nairobi’s Njiru area were left counting huge losses following demolitions conducted in the area.

    The demolitions will pave way for development projects, according to the government.

    Babu stated that the Covid-19 pandemic had left a number of Kenyans jobless and businesses closed, hence, not able to make ends meet.

    “We know that you are a good hearted person who cares about the welfare of Kenyans, please have mercy because there is a lot of anguish among residents staying in Njiru,” he added.

    The lawmaker added that the affected individuals should be compensated. He stated that he would file the petition in parliament for the same.

    The demolitions have since claimed the lives of two individuals with one of the man claimed to have died due to the shock and stress after learning that his property has been destroyed.

    “The man was fine but the moment he found out that his property had been destroyed and land repossessed, he suddenly died,” said one resident, Serah Wanjiku.



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