Aoko Otieno: Susan Rice or Kamala Harris make the best running-mate to Joe Biden, to defeat Trump in the Nov race

Aoko Otieno: Susan Rice or Kamala Harris make the best running-mate to Joe Biden, to defeat Trump in the Nov race

So between today 1st and the 17th when the Democrats will have their National Convention, Joe Biden is expected to pick his female VP.

A number of women are reportedly being vetted- White and those of color. There are a number of formidable white women contenders for the position like Elizabeth Warren but they do not interest me. Allow me get biased on this and voice my support for the women of color. In this category yet gain, there are women of valor but I narrow it down to two. Susan Rice and Kamala Harris.

In no way am I insinuating that the likes of Stacey Abrams, Keisha Bottoms or Karen Bass are less capable, I am just saying that even in a bouquet of flowers, Roses stand out because of their stems and scent. It does not mean Lilies are not great flowers.

I took my time and read extensively on the profiles and portfolios of these two women. Maaaan, women are out here tabling intellectual rigor, strength of character, experience and strong personalities to the negotiation table- ours still want to be handed nominations based on fat bums, Tibim Tialala and how loud they scream in political rallies.

The men who held their hands did so as mentors, not demigods. Yes, Obama handed Rice a platform when he appointed her as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and later national security adviser. But she deserved is not only because she is actually a scholar of History and International Relations and expert in Foreign Policy; but she also contributed in his campaign as public surrogate who helped with fundraising, speeches, debate prep, and, of course, the development of his foreign policy.

Tell me what some of these former bed sheet sellers in the Senate are capable of doing. Can they even debate?

Critics of Rice unanimously concur that she is erudite. But they cite her abrasive temperament and of course the Benghazi Issue that has seen Libya a shell of its former self, U. S lackadaisical approach to Rwandan Genocide, The Sudan conflict, she is allegedly ‘friends’ with Kagame (lol, I love that Tutsi tall benevolent dictator too). Others claim she brings nothing new to the table because she is a foreign policy guru which is Biden’s forte as well. But wait, she can handle that while Biden focuses on rebuilding America, right? And then there’s that useless question that she has never run for elective office. Bottom line, she is a strong candidate. She has her strengths and weaknesses yes, but she stands out. Plus, she is close to Biden so?

Then Harris- Oh My God! Well-litigated. Served as deputy district attorney in Alameda County, Calif., in the ‘90s, joined the San Francisco DA’s office in 1998 and won the top job herself five years later. She was then elected and reelected attorney general of California in 2010 and 2014, before jumping to the Senate in 2016. At 55, she has earned a reputation in the Senate for her intense grilling of Trump administration officials and nominees. She is also the only Black woman currently serving on the body.

Critics voice concern that she was too brutal towards Biden in primaries but hey, John Fitzgerald Kennedy picked Lyndon B. Johnson as his running mate in 1960 despite the two being fierce rivals for the 1960 presidential nomination. I got this when I read the book: A Thousand Days by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. which details JFK’s last campaign and days in office. I got to know about the book after reading an interview by Sunday Nation with Dr. Sally Kosgei where she mentioned it as one of her reads

Back to JFK picking a rival, that is what I love about American politics. They have institutionalized politics of Ideology and even though their politics is pugilist (utalimwa sawasawa) it is never that personal.

If Kenya is to pick a woman VP in 2022, who could it be? Waiguru is a congenial kleptomaniac. Flopped as a technocrat, nothing to write home about as an elected leader.

Karua is one of the few female politician who have my absolute respect. That does not mean I am blind to her hardliner self. Mkapa was buried the other day but I am glad he left us a book. He mentions his role in 07/08 crisis and how Karua gave them migraines. Be as it may, she is a brilliant mind, open minded and has fought to have women have their voice in the political sphere. But her strong personality cannot make for an effective Principal Assistant. Look at the tiff in our current Executive.

I wish I was born during the days of Phoebe Asiyo. Woman floored Okiki Amayo and KANU brigade in broad day light-fair and square. No Affirmative Action bullshit. Pure political acumen, grassroots mobilizations, tact and a functioning brain. That is what I angle for. That is what I push for and advocate for. That is why I shout on social media. For women to realize their potential and stop being mediocre then blame patriarchy for being stupid. Even political parties cannot ignore you if you bring something tangible to the table.

How do you say we are disadvantaged when young women have the chance to go to college but they waste time looking for sponsors even on live TV because they are myopic and feminists support them? Go hard or go home. Rise up or sit the fuck down. And let men tower over you. (Najua ile team pseudos, Aoko this, Aoko that, Aoko respect women hakuna kitu watashika kwa hii post. A slight deviation from pussies and dicks and you lose them)

By Aoko Otieno via Facebook

Aoko Otieno: Susan Rice or Kamala Harris make the best running-mate to Joe Biden, to defeat Trump in the Nov race


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