Andrew Kibe tells his fans not to bully Kamene Goro


Kibe is known for his caustic advocacy for men’s rights and his even more acidic exchanges with feminists. The man whom many would argue is a fully-fledged misogynist has surprised me when he recently defended Kamene Goro. A fan of his made a comment about how they had approached Kamene Goro at a bar and they brought up Kibe’s name in conversation which resulted in her getting the club security to kick them out of the club. Real Or Staged? Andrew Kibe & Nicki Big Fish React To Thee Pluto’s ‘Sanitizing’ Content (Video) Andrew Kibe didn’t agree with that and in a very humorous way simply told him to stop doing that. You would think a man whom many think hates the subjects of his conversations like he does would relish in his fans disturbing people.



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