All well with the Bahati’s? Singer Masauti confirms he can nolonger reach him 


Okay its been three weeks since went down and unfortunately that happens to be around the same time Bahati went missing in action on social media.

Bahati roughed up by goons

His absesnse has however raised questions on social media as many fear he could be battling maybe  after losing the Mathare MP seat….but again its never that serious right? Unless – well unless he spent all his savings on his campaigns…now that’s a different story and enough reason to go MIA online.

Anyway singer Masauti is the latest artist to reveal that he cannot seem to reach Bahati who has remains silent since his last post on IG shared on August 11th. According to Masauti – he is hoping to work with the politician in future due to public demand…but problem is – no one knows where he is.

Namcall Diana manake Bahati simpati toka uchaguzi uishe.

Bahati on a break

Although many are focused on where Bahati has disappeared to – i feel that his fans are being selfish by putting unnecessary pressure on the singer/politician.

Think about it this way – he just lost the Mathare MP seat which he said was forcefully or rather was stolen for him, okay – has his 5th child on the way – mortgage to pay for his newly acquired mansion among other things…..wouldnt you also need a break?



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